XFX Radeon 7990

My Xfx Radeon 7990 is not being read as crossfire. I have it set as crossfire in catalyst but when I go into a game like saints row 4 I read I should be getting 80 fps all maxed settings but I am only getting 40. What should I do



But it is getting power should it not be able to be used if I have the software set up correctly.

unisntall catalyst and install again 

okay I tried it and still no difference

I also restarted my computer adterwords

well.....this is what ive seen from hd 6990s. some times. one of the chips on the board just stops working. 

so what should I do?

so what should I do?

the green led light on the graphics card is on? What does that mean?

I am just really frustrated I paid so much for a graphics card and the performance sucks. What should I do?

That means it's getting power, xfx cards are known to be sub par, does it crossfire in other games?

I have tried it on planetside 2 and saints row 4 and shows 99 percent utilization on main gpu and zero in second one

and I have I set up in crossfire and gpu scaling in the catalyst center

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If your other gpu doesn't work at all then rma it, it's not working properly thus it is defective.

return it 

Have you checked the box that says "enable crossfire in applications with no profile" (or something along those lines???)

I know some games that don't have a specific crossfire utilization profile sometimes need that box clicked to enable crossfire use.

yes I did enable that box

id say return it. XFX USUALLY!....takes their crap back if it stops working. Mind you if u didnt play with it to much, some of these GPU companys can be kinda shifty when it comes to how the warranty works. SO read their literature. 

alright i will RMA it. This kinda sucks.

man if you can return it and get a new one. don't complain. ive had stuff die hours after the warranty ends.