Xfx hd7770 problem

For some reason when i play apb reloaded for over an hour my monitor will not get a connection from my videocard and my videocards fan will increase in rpms like when you start the computer. i was wondering if anyone had an idea what it could be because im stumped.

Overheating sistem? what are your cpu/gpu/case temps?

cpu is between 30c idle and 40c full load. case is around 35c. and my gpu gets to about 55c last time i remember.

Is it the XFX HD 7770 Core edition? I like XFX (I even got one running on my main system now) but that special model gave me bad spine when picking a graphics card for my bother.

Try this: remove the Graphics card from the computer, and put it into another PC that could handle it 8 friend / relative pc). If it works with no problems, we may have a dead PSU here.



It is the core edition. I shall try that but im almost certain its not the psu because i just bought a new one a month or 2 ago.

Just try it, everything can fail, even the new products. if the GPU is dead, contact the XFX support before trying more stuff, sometimes you get lucky and you get the good guy picking up the phones with a smile on his face trying to help people, and not the -I hate everything- useless support guy.