Xfx Grapics card?

Any one know anything about xfx hardware to do with grapics cards if they are any good.

here  is what im looking at getting, but dont know if i should wait for the stock up, of other manufactures.

XFX Radeon R9 290 4G: http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=193_1575&products_id=25613

it does not matter much because all the reference cards are the same. Only sapphire putted a fancy sticker on it, but thats all realy ☺

XFX is a great brand but yeah until they start adding their own coolers and doing their own overclocks all the reference cards will basically be the same.

That card seems ridiculously cheap, for Australia, I was under the impression everything was very pricey beacuse of taxes...that amount in £ is £267 but that card is way over £300 here...



yeah aussie prices are extremely high unfortunatly.

Personally owned two XFX cards in the past, a 7770 BE and a 7950 BE....both OC from factory.  Heard horror stories about their cooling solutions, but guess I won the silicon lottery and got two great cards...the R9 series are kind of screwy if you want to crossfire. While being a aesthetically pleasing card, the crossfire fingers are recessed behind a part of the shroud.  This prevents you from connecting cards with the bridge...don't know why they did that...overall I have heard that they beefed up their cooling but the whole "unable to crossfire without modifying the card" is kind of a bummer.  Used to have a lifetime warranty if you registered within 30 days of receiving your card...don't know if this still holds true or not. 


XFX used to be the EVGA of AMD, however in recent years their popularity has soured, giving way to Sapphire, Gigabyte, and MSI.  While I can't complain personally for the reliability of their cards, I can tell you that XFX have pretty low reviews across the board, mostly due to faulty cards and RMA support issues.

Since it's reference, there's no issue.

The problem a lot of people have with XFX is lately, they have been voltage locking their cards, like Asus and Sapphire.... at least you can get around the voltage lock on sapphire using trixx. Plus, XFX haven't really made any innovations with their coolers of late. They have the Double Dissipation, which is average at best.. and that's it. Kind of sad for a company that used to be one of the best AMD AIB partners. 

The crossfire is done through the pci express lanes now. It's still crossfire compatible

I have two, a 7950 core(9 months old) and a 7950 Double D(3 months old) they perform well, but do make some noise when under heavy load. Just turn up the volume and enjoy!

They are in croosfireX, DD on top, and I am very happy price to performance wise. 

The Core did OC OK at 1050mhz, but they run at 925mhz together and push my CPU to the wall.

That is my XFX experience. Two thumbs up! 

The only difference between any r9 290 / 290x today is the OC software, and with the stock cooler you won't have many room for overclocking. Having said that, I prefer Asus, MSI or Sapphire but that's just a personal choice.


i'd wait antill this is out! its going to have x2 8pin pcie and x1 6pin pcie!!! its going to eat psus!


Thanks guys for all the comments ! :D