Xfx 7970

Im looking at buying a black edition xfx 7970 for a good price, has anyone here had hands on experience with this card or other similar cards from xfx? Lemme know what you guys think of them

bad cooler


Don't buy an XFX card. They are voltage locked so you can't overclock them as much as you want. Cooler isn't good: lots of heat and noise and above all, horrible customer support. Check the Asus DCU2, MSI twinfrozr, HiS iceQ x2 or maybe even gigabyte windforce.

The windforce is also voltage locked.

  1. HiS 7970 iceQ X2
  2. Asus 7970 Direct CU II
  3. Msi 7970 twinfrozer
  4. Sapphire 7970 OC with boost.

Grtz Angel ☺

Yea this is really late hadn't been on in a while lol. But I ended up getting two MSI lightning 7970 BE. The only reason I was even considering the xfx was because it was SOOOO cheap. Never used one though. Only used ASUS DCII/Matrix cards and now MSI >:)

Do not buy XFX. Windforce is loud, I would suggest the asus direct CU 2, or sapphire 7970

Yea this was a while ago ;d I was just commenting back on it. I didn't get the xfx, I got two 7970 Lightning BE from MSI. I love the asus DCuII coolers but they are always very expensive, and i got two msi lightning for the same price i could have bought one dcuii