Xfx 7970 - voltage locked?

Hey guys looking for help with my video cards. I have 2 XFX 7970's (Sku 67172) Double 'D' 925mhz core. 

I can NOT overclock these cards. With ANY adjustment of core or memory speeds I get instability and it crashes. I've tried all the utilities (Asus, MSI Afterburner beta and regular, etc) and find that I have no ability to adjust voltage. 

Is the locked voltage the issue? Is there a way to unlock? 

Am I doing something wrong??

I have XFX's Double D 7870 and I was dissapointed to find that it was Voltage locked also. Afaik it's only their black edition cards that are unlocked. Wish I new that before hand but what can ya do.

MSI, asus, and gigabyte cards support overvolting.

Not sure if XFX is doing what Sapphire has done with the 7870 XT I have but it has dynamic volatage management.  With GPUZ it is pretty clear that under the voltages you can see .95 and 1.12.  When I go to run a game it jumps up.  

I also discovered this too late... Ahh well, I just put another in to make it 2... :P It'll do until the 8000 series, and then fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice? you know the rest.

I have an asus card, but it doesn't support overvolting. (then again it was made in 2008)

If I were to get a new card, I think it would either be MSI or EVGA. and I'm gonna need one because I can't play Battlefield 4 because it's the first DX11 game without a DX10.1 fallback mode or lower.

Along with Saphire :)

You could try to flash the bios to a black edition? - just remember to save your current bios.


It's actually fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me l0l. As in, you're following it repeating the fuck up. Just saying haha.

I'm using an XFX 7870 Double D and I am able to over volt. I'm using the MSI Afterburner for it.

If it's an XFX Black edition you can overclock, right? (I just ordered one)

You should be able to OC with all XFX's cards. I OC'd mine an extra 10% core clock and memory clock.

You can overclock them all only when you overclock it you might need to overvolt it to give it enough power for it to run stable. It seems that the XFX black edition can be overvolted.

I have no experience though, I am still running my 5770 (which cannot be overvolted as far as I can tell) and am waiting for the 8k series to come at the end of the year.