XFX 790i Ultra BIOS update

i've been reading that you can't update the XFX brand BIOS to P06 because they don't have the .bin in the file, i've also read that it was making bricks of some peoples board, anyone have hands on experience with this?

Hell if I can afford the 790i with DDR3. Why would you want to update the bios on that? Doesn't it come with Pheonix Award?

i guess some people jsut want the latest and greatest...

i've read that they made it more compatible with 2000mhz ram, which mine doesn't want to do, so i had to put it at 1999

ohhhh that issue

Well, 1999mhz of RAM is 2000 if you round it.

managed to get my ram at 1999 with 9-9-9-28 @ 1.825v (1.8v was still freezing up, it may still freeze but it hasn't happened yet) when i put 2000mhz my computer longs beeps and i have to clear CMOS.

what is this issue you are mentioning MeGotRice? if you could care to fill me in, thx

does anyone know what issue he's talking about?

I did some reading on it and it is possible that you will have to update or roll back on your BIOS and maybe use your ram in the slots numbered 1 and 3 instead of 0 and 2. Read somewhere that some 790i mobos require you to use the slots 1 and 3 to run your memory above the 1800mhz frequency. Slots 1 and 3 are the 2nd and the 4th ram slots on your board. ^_^

Also do not forget to check that your RAM is approved by XFX to work with the mobo and that EPP/SLI ready memory is enabled in the BIOS.

Good luck with problem solving,


P.S. Get the Striker II Extreme mobo, you will get the lcd display with it. The display is great whenever you encounter problems.