XFX 7870 Benchmarking Ghz Edition

Just got my ZDZ 7870 going to be doing a load of benchmarks with a single card before getting my 2nd one, Feel free to watch my upcoming videos if you are interested in this card as so far I reckon it is a beast for the money!



you typed "ZDZ" instead of "XFX" LOL

It makes sense though the xfx and zdz combinations are less than an inch apart

My bad recently got a Razor Lycosa and the keys feel differently spaced from my last keyboard :P

Here is my GTX 480 result maxed out, i turned off motion blur... i am unsure if this affects performance, but my 480 seems to destroy the 7870 GHZ edition? at least in this benchmark, this makes me depressed as i want the 7870 Joker when my Tax return comes in :(


I will turn off motion blur and post up :) I am curious as my cpu also beats yours :s