XFX 7770/GTX 650 for the AMD FX8350?

I'm trying to keep this build as low as possoble, I am deciding between the 650 or the 7770. Since the 650 is cheaper I thought I could use it in sli. What do you guys think?


You cant SLi GeForce 650's as far as im aware

Then what would you recommend?

whats your budget for the card?

Also have you thought of getting a lower model CPU and slightly higher lvl GPU to get a more rounded build?

This is my first build so I'm open to suggestions.

I see, well whilst the 8350 is a good CPU its sticl technically one of the more exspensive ones.

If you could post your budget along with what you want to do on it, we can all have a look around and supply some options to you.

I'm trying to build a good gaming pc and I'd like to keep it under $1,000.


That gives you an idea of the stuff you can get with that budget.

I dont know if you need screens keyboards or whatever so that will make a diff in the build if you need it, also if you have a spare HDD lying around you can use that for storage instead.

Thank you.


Or that if you really want the 8350 :P


Just my two cents. Came in a little over budget, but I think you'll be happy with the results. I think if you're mainly looking for gaming performance you'd probably be better off sinking money into your gpu rather than your cpu, and the 6300 isn't bad. I'd recommend going with the stock cooler rather than the 212, you can always add an aftermarket cooler later if you want to overclock, and it'll give you an excuse to get elbow deep in your case again.

That build is awesome! wish i could have come up with that

get an FX 8320 or 6300 and get a 7850 or 7870