XFX 280x DD high VRM temps

Right now the core is staying around 65-70C under full load at stock voltages with a decent overclock (1150/1650). The VRMs on the other hand get to 90C. I'm pretty sure that this is what is keeping me from overclocking any more than what I have already. What are some good methods to get those temps down? I plan to put some case fans inside of the case to move air over the back of the board (at least I will once I have access to my other case fans again in a week's time). Does anyone have some suggestions.


And I know that XFX wasn't a good choice for overclocking, but that was the one card that went down to normal price when I had the money to buy one, so here we are. I don't want to consider something that would cost a good bit of money, like water cooling or something since at that point I might as well return it and just get a better card and not deal with overclocking at all. So yeah, cheap ways of getting the temps down some, if anyone has any ideas.

Would tossing some of these on the BACK of the board cause any ill effects like shorts?