XFire or Save

Hey Guys and Ladies,

So I'm trying to get into PC gaming (currently on PS3) but I need GPU advice now i like the sound of a R9 270 (or the X version and get a second later down the track for Xfire) but would it be better to save up and get the R9 290X.

I would like to add that I'm on a Budget at the moment so yer.

Thank you in advance.

What resolution are you expecting to play on? If it's 1080p then I'd recommend the GTX 770 or R9 280x line, you'll play most games and future games on High settings. If it's 4k then save up for a better GPU.



Ok well I dont quite have the money for the 280x and here in AUS the 770 is $100 more expensive then the 280x so Nvidia is out of it. but its only 1080p