Xeon X3430 V's i5-3330S

I just upgraded from my old rig which was the following

Intel Xeon X3430 2.4GHz
Supermicro LGA1156
4GB DDR3 1333MHz EEC
WD Black 1.0TB
Linux Mint 17.1 Mate 64Bit


Intel Core i5-3330s
Asus Sabertooth P67 2nd Gen 1155
2GB DDR3 1600MHz
1TB WD Black
Linux Mint 17.1 Mate 64Bit

The problem I am having is with video transcoding I am using Handbrake.

I have used a video I have transcoded previously on the Xeon Rig which transcoded the video in about 2 hours which I thought was a good time.

I have used the same video on the i5-3330s and used all the same settings and it took just over 5 hours to transcode.

What gives 2 generations up on the processor and a speed bump of 300MHz across all 4 cores and the Xeon transcodes faster.

Also the new i5-3330s does not seem to turbo boost to 3.2GHz like the spec says on Linux Mint 17.1 maybe its the 2gb of RAM? any suggestions,

Also I plan to get a new SSD soon so I can dual boot Like Logan does with 2 SSD's and not a dual boot, I plan to use the new i5-3330s for gaming with a second hand GTX780 or 780 TI and 8GB of RAM is I can find any that are on the Qualified vendors List because it wont boot with my 8GB Kit I got already

I don't have alot of experience with linux and video trans-coding. However, I do have experience with the hardware your old system has. Yeah the instruction sets on the x3430 is probably what helps out, plus the ram amount. I have one of the older brothers an Xeon x3460 it performs really well for its age, plus it has hyper-threading :) . Maybe try adding more ram or upgrading your cpu. I am unfamiliar with Handbrake can it use a gpu for trans-coding?

Just because you have a CPU speed increase does not mean you have decreased the render time, there are more than Ghz, as Allent said, Instructions maybe cause of it, Hyperthreading is also another factor, i5s don't have hyperthreads,
If you used Windows you could have used a GPU to work it, GPUs are way faster than CPUs.
Also try Quicksync (You need to enable iGPU in BIOS first) and then try it, quicksync can be extremely fast

Disregard, hadn't read the entire OP

You are right in ways with what you posted, them xeons are dam good for rendering and I expect that is the main reason for his +2h on the render time.
Also what do you mean qualified vendor list? as long as its ddr3 minimum 1333Mhz it should work fine, all you need to watch out for is pin (I don't even think that matters anymore) and top speeds, some motherboards cant read over like 1866Mhz.
If you mean the system wont boot with the current 8GB kit you have, check the sticks, they could be defective, if I am reading what you are saying correctly