Xeon vs. i7

I was wondering guys. I have always been an AMD person, and havent spent as much time or effort messing with intel, but what is the major differences between xeon and i5/i7? Would a gaming rig be fine with xeon? Would there be certain softwares that wouldn't benefit from xeon at all?



Xeons suffer in gaming performance, for some reason. I think it is because Xeon cores aren't as powerful as i5 and i7 cores.

A Xeon is Intel's line of workstation/server CPUs. They support ECC RAM and other enterprise grade or professional features. 

Most Xeons suffer in gaming as they are more optimized for a different workload and traditionally have lower clock speeds. 

That being said, the Intel Xeon 1230 V3, is essentially an i7-4770 without the iGPU. It is much cheaper, around $100 cheaper, but performs just as well in games and other tasks. I have one in an mITX rig I built and it is fabulous. Can't OC it though. 

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thank you for all the information, makes sense. I will deff not be going with xeon then. I plan on trying my luck with overclocking once i get the money for my upgrades.

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About your main question, i dont know which cpu you currently have, but if you on an AMD 8 core, then there is not realy a point to upgrade to intel in my opinnion.