Xeon System not posting [Solved]

I have a Xeon x3320 System that I've been meaning to get running for a while now. I tried to see if it would post today and I got nothing. First attempt I had RAM and a GPU in the system and nothing came up on the monitor. I removed the gpu and tried the graphics on the motherboard, which also didn't work. Removed the RAM and tried again, also didn't work.
Ever time I tried, one red and one green led near the rear IO and one green led below the 24-pin power lit up and there were 3 beeps. The fan on the CPU cooler also started every time.

Xeon X3320: http://ark.intel.com/products/33931/Intel-Xeon-Processor-X3320-6M-Cache-2_50-GHz-1333-MHz-FSB

Intel Server-board S3200SH: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/server-products/server-boards/single-socket-server-boards/intel-server-board-s3200sh-family.html

Whats the beep code length , 3 short? Did you check the beep code?

If you get a beep code with only the cpu's installed , that usually shows the cpu's are compatible. Many instances boards don't give any beep codes when the cpu isn't compatible.

The beeps were really long.

According to the manual

Beeps Error Message POST Progress Code
Description 3
Memory error System halted because a fatal error related to the memory was detected.

Are you using the correct ram for the board? it requires

3.3.2Memory DIMM Support
The board supports unbuffered (not registered) DDR2 667/800 ECC or non-ECC DIMMs operating at 667/800 MT/s.

Note: Only DIMMs tested and qualified by Intel or a designated memory test vendor are supported on this board. All DIMMs are supported by design, but only fully qualified DIMMs are supported on the board.The minimum supported DIMM size is 512 MB. Therefore, the minimum main memory configuration is 1 x 512 MB or 512 MB. The largest size DIMM supported is 2 GB and as such, the maximum main memory configuration is 8 GB implemented by 4 x 2 GB DIMMs. ƒ Unbuffered DDR2 667/800 compliant, ECC x8 and Non-ECC x8 or x16 memory DIMMs are supported. ƒ ECC single-bit errors (SBE) can be detected and corrected. Multiple-bit errors (MBE) can only be detected. ƒ The maximum memory capacity is 8 GB via four 2 GB DIMM modules. ƒ The minimum memory capacity is 512 MB via a single 512 MB DIMM module.

Using Kingston KVR800D2NG/2G DIMMS, so it should work and i thought that a memory error wouldn't trigger with no DIMMS in? Shouldn't it just post and go into the bios?

No , most boards need some form of extended ram to post. Also most boards will give beep codes if it has the incorrect ram or no ram all all.

Do you have any other ram sticks that are smaller? Yes supposedly the ram you have is supposed to work.

Yeah, I have some other DDR2 DIMMs lying around I can test.

try those see what it does

Just test the other ram and it posted. Then tested one of the kingston dimms again and it also worked, so I think one or 2 of the kingstons are broken. Thanks for the help :D

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do you need some more DDR2/1 i have a bag of various dimms

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Possibly, I'll message you about it.