Xeon Project For Fun

Hello All, I am looking to put together a cpu and motherboard combo but im wojndering if they would be compatible before buying. As a note before i even buy im just curious as to hypothetically would this combo work.



Probably, why did you need that hardware?

It's just a build for fun.

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Well, maybe follow linus's video, and possibly get a reasonably capable 8 core machine out of it

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Honestly it's better to look for a E5-26xx build at this time, you can get a build together for around $400-500 USD and have a way better latency then X/E54xx or 55/6xx chips as well as using much lower power.


Keep your eyes open for a pair of X5550 or X5570s at that price. They've got a bit more power to them. That board should work with all the CPUs listed.

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Thanks for all the replies! And what exactly makes the other series of xeons better? And you can be technical I will understand. Also can anyone tell from the pic if this would support a standard cooler and then also good but cheap cooling solutions for this? Thanks ahead of time.

Xeons are liked the Cherry Picked Consumer CPU variants if you have already known, however they do make CPU's that are exclusive to the Xeon lineup that are made tailored for the enterprise, business that require the stability of the Xeons out there like ECC Memory, reliability and more performance for a specific workload that you won't get with a consumer grade CPU such as having lot's of cores that run at a low TDP or having a cpu. Here is my rough explanation.

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Thanks, imn still trying to find out the main thing holding me back is that i want to know if that board supports a standard cooler or not? Also can someone explain QPI to me and also if it makes a big difference to have 2 versus 1 link.

If I recall correctly Xeons have two or more QPI links for inter-processor information travel when you do dual+ processor setups.

It does appear that the HP motherboard has the standard 1366 spacing for the standard heatsink. There are people mounting aftermarket coolers to that board, so you should be fine.

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Thanks for all the input! I will look into putting this together. Would anyone care for updates on it if i go through?

I always like to see peoples updates on ongoing projects