Xeon overclock

I know nothing about overclocking . The only overclocking I've ever done is on amd gpu's and they just had a slider you would simply move up or down.

I was wondering if there's simply a chart/website that shows what setting to put into the motherboard to overclock a cpu. I suppose I'm not trying to learn overclocking but rather just enter the numbers that are supposed to be used.

I watched a short video on overclocking an x5670 , I'm wondering if I can simply just copy every setting they used on an x5679 and it'll be the same. I'm aware to watch the temps but thats about it.

The goal is to hit 1800 in cinebench , thats pretty much it. Once I achieve that I'll remove the overclock

For starters, overclocking is pretty easy but there is no way in hell 1 x5679 will ever hit 1800 CB.
This is an x5679 at 4.8 ghz under water:

That's 1100 CB.

opps , I should specify this is two x5679's , my bad

Unless you have an EVGA SR-2 you cant overclock anyway.

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The z9pe-d8 ws and z10pe-d8 ws asus motherboards allow for minor overclocking but yes unlocked xeons aren't available.

I do remember there being some preproduction xeons that were overclockable on the SR-2 way back when.

As the intel v3 e5 chips come down in price the z10 board will become very appealing. Till then I am very happy with my v1 2670's.

This is exactly the age of hardware the guy has lol.

Also minor note:
The single processor Xeon chips are still fully unlocked, the e5 16xx ones. But all dual and more processor (e5 26d's, e7 88xx) chips are locked.