Xeon build

I was wondering if i could get recommendations for a dual xeon build.

my budget is 2 k
will need a board (must be atx) / cpu's / coolers / ram (16gb ddr4 is enough) / psu
already have drives/gpu/case

I don't have any problems matching up a board with compatible cpu's. The problem I have is knowing how good the cpu's are. Seems with xeons the prices are all over the place for different models that don't seem very different from each other.

It's also quite hard to not end up with a build that has cpu's that were released several years ago. Seems a lot of these debuted 2 or 3 years ago.

Just have a little look at this https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/read-before-you-post-general-guidelines-build-a-pc/26992
It will help you get someone to help you out better

i think i got everything i need listed?

What are you useing it for? what programs will you be useing? will these programs benefit from cpu or gpu? are you folding at home? will you be useing cuda or open cl / open gl?

I dont understand? I'm trying to see if maybe someone who knows more about xeons could narrow the field down when it comes to the relationship between the various models that fit into the 2k budget range. I'm sorry I'm not trying to determine IF ill be needing dual xeons , but rather which ones as I'm already past that point.

sorry if I made the initial post confusing I just wanted it to be very simple because it's sorta a specific question. thank you for helping :)

Without knowing what you are useing it for i could recommend a pair of xeons that have more cores and threads than you can actually use or make use of,or the operating system you are useing (or whant) can even handle makeing a build inefficient and a pointless waste of your time and money.

is there a section/person/people that deals with server parts maybe? am i in the wrong place?




I'm starting with this , maybe there is room for improvement? someone?

Specificity may require more detail at times.

The question "How "good" these Xeon CPU's are" can result in many subjective answers when there is no field in which to rate them. You mention that :

This seems to be the question that you want to be answered. Different CPU's have different benefits and drawbacks because they have different demographics to which they are aimed. @cooperman was just trying to figure out which demographic you fit into.

If you give us some information on what you plan to do with this build, we may be able to better help you.

I use adobe and render large video files. I need multiple cpu's so I can either

A: have both cpu's rendering
B: have one rendering with another available to work with another instance of adobe so I can edit files while another renders.

I can already 100% all 8 threads on my i7 so I need more cpu's.

is the parts I linked above compatible with each other? the board apparently support v3 cpu's and the ram but maybe I'm missing something.

2x (sandy bridge)


up to you...



@CyklonDX that cpu looks slower then the one I linked? the clock speed looks high but it's only a quad and I think the six core I linked would be faster?

the board looks like it's only ddr3?

its turbo ~ bios changes multipliers as it has work (all cpu's on intel side had it for long time)
its 3.3-3.5GHz cpu;

with 2x of those you'll have 8 cores and 16 threads for $~400; while with the other setup on haswell you'll have to 12 cores and 24 threads for $860

the ones you liked would perform better overall but would loose in single core performance but not by a lot. I'd say you'll have about 10-15% more performance for 2x as much cash.

and without a single thought ~ you'll spend whole hell amount more cash for ddr4...

  • that mobo doesn't have full pci-e 3.0 x16

Might whant to check out this page here before makeing rash decisions on going all out on dual cpu's for adobe work

I guess I'm not entirely concerned with tasks that require only a single processor as I don't use any as adobe will use any processor available when rendering I'd prefer to have more then less.

The board I linked has a pci-e 3 x16 slot? at least that what it shows in the picture and specifications.

As for the 10-15% faster , it's the difference between 100 hours rendering and 85 hours rendering. I could cut 15 hours off essentially.

From what I can see on that tweakers page , they aren't accounting for multiple instances. So I wouldn't be able to have another cpu open while the machine rendered.

The i7 is very impressive. but I'm not sure it could do as well as two xeons being that it would run out of available cpu's for me to use.