Xeon 1230v5 Upgrade

From this thread: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/upgrade-for-gpu-passthrough-is-it-feasible/108883/33

Basic jist, Upgraded from i5 2500k /16gb ddr3 to xeon e3 1230 v5 w/ 32gb ddr4.

I had a few issues with the build, including one I'd never experienced before: The 24pin power connector would just not fit in the last mm of the slot and click / lock in place. Even with padding under the board to stop it bending (It seriously seemed like I was going to crack the board trying to fit it in), it would not go. Luckily it was such a tight fit that it wouldn't come out easily either, but I added some electrical tape on one side as an added precaution against it wriggling out somehow. Apparently this is a common problem with corsair PSUs, however, it worked fine on the old mobo, and my old PSU which I had sitting around also had trouble plugging into the socket, so the one on the motherboard must be slightly off. The pins all appeared to be centered nicely, so maybe the plastic was just a bit narrow.

The biggest disappointment so far has been the monitor. I actually ended up getting this (PLS, freesync) samsung model, and there are a few problems with it. The biggest being that randomly during use it will have periods of slight flickering. I haven't tested disabling freesync yet to see if that's the cause. It happens maybe once every 5 hours or so, it's pretty random. The stand isn't adjustable either, sitting flat it's tilted down so I've stuck some paper under the front half to tilt it back up a bit.

Re-using CM hyper212+ worked fine. Temps are fine ( cpu at 35 celcius idle with a room temp of 29c, ~50ish under load, haven't done a proper test yet). Mobo reports 42c for the system, and I think the sensor is just above the GPU. Interestingly one of my 3d apps has greatly improved viewport performance despite using the same GPU. I'll have to look into that further. The only other difference is I disabled HPET in bios this time, as a test. Not sure if that's the cause yet though.

The case (Cooler Master master box 5) is really good as well. The HDD's cages are a bit annoying to use though. cabling however is really neat, I took some pictures with the phonetato but I haven't checked if they're worth posting yet. Probably not. Even though the case isn't an extremely silent model, it is practically inaudible compared to my previous build. If I listen really hard I can just hear the fans. Maybe the click of a HDD now and then.

The unknown quantity here was the motherboard, the MSI E3 KRAIT GAMING. I couldn't find a single review of this before buying. The only net articles about Xeon Overclocking mentioned a specific Asrock board, but happily it seems like the MSI KRAIT allows bclk overclocking as well. Which is something for me to try out in the future.

Currently I'm struggling to get vc-redist-2015 to work so I can actually use half my applications. Damned windows...