Xdg-*-portal using insane amounts of memory

Hi all,

I’ve got a bit of a weird situation. I just noticed that I’ve got a huge memory hog on my system, and I’ve got no idea what could be causing it.

Those top two. According to my research, they’re supporting libraries for FlatPak.

I’ve never used flatpak before on this system, so I can’t say what’s going on there.

Has anyone else seen this?

Fedora 27, KDE.


What version of xdg are you using? Yesterday, there was a new update that fixed memory leaks.


Ah, 0.9, I guess I’ll have to wait on updates.

You can safely kill those if they are causing you issues. They should restart when required.


Yeah, I’ve been doing that when they get out of hand.

surprised you didnt write a script todo it for you XD

It’s easier to type killall $PROCESS_I_HATE rather than actually spending the time building a script for it.

according to the first chart you should spend anywhere from 2-12 hours working on it. Could probably do within that time frame :thinking:

Yeah, but I’ve got 32GB of ram and rarely use more than 10 lately. That means the other 22 can be used to keep the memory leaks at bay.

I know this is not a solution, but I fear change.

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is cool. Ive just gotten into the habit of trying to automate everything XD


I know you have, and it’s definitely good, but that first graph is normalized over 5 years. I hope Fedora will package the update that fixes that leak within that timeframe.


as u dont use the app anyway, can u simply point the app to a virtual file for memory?