xbox360 gamestop controllers

hi i have a xbox360 controller from gamestop, and my friend also has it and everytime he comes with his controller the computer sais that it cant read it and i have no idea why.

if anyone has any information i would really apritiate it

I think more details could help us. Could you take a screen shot if there is an error that pops up please? We need to know how exactly you are doing this. Are you trying to plug both of them into the pc for a multiplayer game? Are they wireless controllers with the charging cord or are they wired? You say that the pc cant read it, do you mean just one controller, or both? If it's both then it could be a driver issue, either it's bad or you just don't have it all together. you can download the driver here, just select your operating system that is on your pc and then download the Microsoft Accessories software

If it is just his, have you tried a different usb port? If they are the wireless with the charging cord, have you tried trading cables? etc.

Once we have more of an idea what you are trying to do, we may be able to help ya out.