Xbox turns on, but no boot, and no wireless?

Hey guys!

Went to turn on my Xbox.....and it turns on and I get the power green power logo, but no boot or outer rings, TV doesn't receive a signal and the wireless adapter at the back has no power light on it (this only flashes on for a second if I plug or unplug it from the USB port on the xbox.....though it come on if I plug it into my PCs USB port)???

So much for my planed night of Bioshock Infinite

(I have tried using another hdmi cable, unplugging everything and reconnecting all the cable then powering TV and Xbox up again)

System Info = (RGH) Xbox 360 Elite - HTMI- Philips BENQ -Xecutor Cool Runner - FSD 2.2 - Talismoon Whisper Fan - 2.0.14719.0 - DashLaunch v2.32 - LT+ 3.0. .

Check the front USB ports, sometimes the black plastic piece breaks off and the pins ground and the console will not turn on.

I would also check the wires on the chip you are using for RHG, maybe one of them was not soldered very well and came off

Thanks mate.

Checked all the USB ports, and same problem in all of them...redlight just flashes for a second on the wifi adaptor (though even without the light being on I can turn the xbox on with the middle X button on a wireless controller, but it wont synic with the xbox, and the xbox still wont boot. 

Cracked it open to see if it was something obvious like a blown electrolytic cap or a lose solder, but no joy!

Even continuity checked all the Cool Runner connections with my multimeter.

Im also getting power from all all the USB ports, and have cracked open the wireless adaptor to see is the mini USB cable that plugs into the PCB had come loose. :(

Sometimes the USB pins will get bent and touch the metal shield and the Xbox will not turn on.

Do you have a standard AV cable you can try?  Maybe the HDMI port is dead on the console or the TV I would try another device with HDMI on the TV.

I had an HDMI port die on a TV once and the Xbox would act like what you are describing, switching to component cables fixed the problem.

Yep, got a High-definition AV Cable for Xbox 360....but same issues.

Will go get my glasses, a flashlight and check the USB pins! 8)

:( USB pins all in place

you could try flashing a stock NAND image and see if it boots that would help narrow down if it is a RGH or a hardware problem.

thats way past my skills!

I have a hammer though?

Hammer should do you just fine.