Xbox One Wireless Controller.. DA PHUQ?

And failing the game having controller support or for some reason it not getting along with it. you can try link the games to steam and enable the PS3 Steam Controller API support and play it that way too with even more options for the controller configs and all sorts of fun things.


Hmm, that Splinter Cell Collection uses UPlay. I guess i'm good then?!


PS3 Steam Controller API? Never heard of it. Please, do enlighten.

The steam controller has a myriad of options and things you can do with it buttons through the Steam Controller API. things like map any botton to any other, have layers of control sets on one controller (eg, flight, cars, on foot controlls sets all swappable on one controller), macros, keyboard and mouse mapping to controller buttons and so on. It is pretty fucking amazing the depth of it.

Recently they added support for other controller and not just the steam controller. To enable it, fir up Steam Big Picture, go to settings, controller settings and enable xbox configuration support.

I jumped the gun a little, there is PS4 and xbox support, no mention of PS3 yet. So with the SCP driver passing it off as a 360 controller it should maybe work.

After that any native Steam game should have configuration support through the API for all the button mapping madness. You do not need to keep using Big Picture, only to enable it and to set up the desktop configuration, oh yeah you can use you controller as a keyboard/mouse like this too if you please. Back in desktop steam world, with the controller on/pluggen in, steam will present the option for configuring the controller when you right click a game.

EDIT: also most non steam games when linked to steam should also get support for this controller wizardry. Even things like emulators and such, but some can be a little fiddly.


I bought the $200 Xbox One Elite controller and it came with its own fancy carry case and everything you would expect from a top-of-the-line flagship product.... as well as two AA Duracel batteries.
Absolutely abysmal.
Especially considering the 'free' controller I got with my Xbox One console came with a rechargable battery pack.


My preference is a hefty controller, like my trusty Logitech Rumblepad 2. Although I have to use x360ce to make it work on new games.
But for the new controllers, I prefer the Dualshock4, with ds4windows on pc.
Or Dualshock 3 with this Mayflash adapter . I used the SCPToolkit for dualshock3, but you have to sacrifice a Bluetooth dongle for it.

I recently bought an XBox One controller for Windows (which replaced my wired X360 controller).
Actually, I have to say that I like the option of being able to use either batteries or rechargeables (be it the pack for the controller or other rechargeable batteries). What I dislike with the controllers that come with the rechargeable battery built in (PS3/PS4, for example) is that you a) you don't know which battery is in it and b) need to take it apart to exchange it (batteries losing capacity is a thing).

M$ excluding features on different versions of Windows is infuriating, though ( ). Not that I'd use them, but you're paying the same and get less features.

why use wireless? I use the xbone controller on my pc with the mUSB cable. less latency that way.

all the things that are excluded are things that no one wants anyway (except maybe bluetooth).

I have seen this at least twice now in this thread. I still have my original sixaxis, before the ds3, from launch day of the ps3 and the battery is still perfect. What the fuck are you people doing to these controllers.

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things.... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


still. you pay the same and get less.

@Zibob not all DS3 controllers are the same, that includes the batteries. experiences may vary.

Had three of them now, all still kicking. The PS3's though, yes plural, have long since died.

All different periods. Sixaxis, early DS3 and late DS3.

mine barely holds a charge anymore, I think 2h tops. 8 years old (80GB PAL model from 2008).

Original day one 60gb and later a slim (not the super small one the record player one) bought a control in between to have a second one, third came with the other console.

I don't really take care of the batteries in controllers. it's been laying around dead for 2 or more years now. and now I can't find the mini-USB cable -_-

edi: found it. charging now

edit2: @Zibob just charged the PS3 controller for ~2h and it doesn't hold a charge at all anymore.

options: 1) playing with the controller connected to the console
2) buying a new PS3 controller
3) opening the controller, trying to find out which battery it needs and buying one online to replace it with

edit3: got to the battery. it's slightly bloated.... :/
replacement batteries on amazon seem to be shite, according to customer reviews

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Plus It's only $40 talk about savings

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I've went from wired Xbox 360, to wireless Xbox 360, to Xbox One S controllers.

I love the Xbox One S controller, but I've personally ran into issues with it not working super great over Bluetooth from time to time. I find myself plugging in my wired 360 controller lately when playing Dirt 3.

Not to mention the Xbox One S is only going to work correctly on Windows 10 (afaik still not working on Linux edit -> over Bluetooth).

Steam supports natively pretty much all controllers now (idk of that's been said yet)

Video on beta ds4 support

Now to get it to run on non steam games, I would think all you would have to do is add them to steam and open them in the client. So gog games would work (idk about other store fronts like origin.... That would be interesting)

I love the Xbox controller, but ya the price to have it work wirelessly on PC is ridiculous! I really enjoy the steam controller but it takes some getting used to and tweaking to get just right.

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Mostly yes, some games are a pain if they have launchers or other things before the game. Almost all of them can be worked around. GTA V is still a problem due to the war against modders, it does not support rapid switching between mouse/keyboard and controller inputs. This can be fixed and has been but if you use it online you will get banned.

For support on games with problems /r/steamcontroller is great.

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Very true

I like audio visual so egg has been my go to if I need info, then if he hasn't done it or it seems wonky I look at /r/steamcontroller lol

Steam Controller Tutorial Series:

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