Xbox One Recommendations

It was hinted towards me that I might be getting an Xbox One for my birthday. I don't really know what's on it and the newest console I have is PS3 / Wii so you can figure out what I know about :P Also I have no clue how XBL works other than a money laundering scheme.

Uh Xbox Live is not a money laundering scheme. It is a good service that provides free games per month. In regards to the Xbox One if you can hold off wait til 2017 until you get a console as they are coming out with a more powerful Xbox One then. Sony also btw is coming out with a better console than the PS4 in the future. I would say ask for cash and save it until such a time you know more about the new consoles coming out. Now if you have to get an Xbox One and don't want to wait well wait til the the slim comes out and you can get the original console at a cheaper price. Heck prices are already being slashed considerably. Also facts are the PS4 is the better console right now and so if you can get the games you want on that then consider the PS4.

Oh and to let you know what I have well it is an Xbox One 500 GB console with no Kinect and many a time I have thought about getting rid of it because it performs so poorly at times that I have to unplug the thing to get it to work again, sucks up loads of bandwidth when it is set not to, and so on. The thing is selling it now I won't get jack **** for it.



If the rumors are true, the Xbox Scorpio is going to be a dedicated 4k console. As an Xbone owner, I do enjoy the free games every month. It sort of justifies the $5 a month for xbox live. Depending on when your birthday is, you could also wait for the release of the Xbox One S. It isn't going to be a 4k gaming console, but it will have a 4k bluray player with hdr support. It all depends on preference really.

I disagree with the fact that the PS4 is the better console. It is more powerful, but it doesn't have the backwards compatibility of the Xbox One. If Aremis got games for gold, he would be able to download the xbox 360 games for backwards compatibility. Also, and I can't believe I am saying this, I do enjoy that select titles coming to Xbox One will be free to play on PC, if you own the Xbox One digital copy. I don't support games for windows, but that is a pretty decent feature.

Don't get me wrong, the PS4 is a solid console. It has some great exclusives and I try to appreciate it for what it is, but Sony always has this nasty habit of releasing updates that take away from he user experience.

I have a PS4 and apart from Uncharted 4 I haven't really played anything on that thing... I'm kind of done with consoles, I guess.

........Ok I feel I have to really push this. 4k does not matter to me, nor will it ever. And here is why.

I don't have a TV. The largest display I have is a projector that works at 1600X1200 and can scale to 1280X720 smoothly / 1560/1158 sort of smoothly. Now as I understand it this is supposed to be a surprise, I think. Theres just been odd questions every once in a while. Now as such, I know the PS4 is better. A its Unix, B unix is inherently faster, C it has a fuckload more ram. I know this. However, I believe this is intended as a surprise and my brother in law has an XBone. I've even been hearing about being able to use the damn thing as a DVR for other consoles and my brother in law got really excited over that because I have a YT channel and I stream when I have time.

I have also played with an XBone quite a bit and with us having unlimited data the bandwith thing isn't an issue. I've also not seen any slow down on the few consoles I have played games on. Since I didn't make this clear originally, sorry about that.

So, whats good on Xbox One?

  • Halo Master Chief Collection is super cool. You can switch between old and new graphics live (during gameplay and cinematics) and it's awesome to see the difference.
  • Halo 5. The campaign is fun, and all the expansions are free from what I understand.
  • Destiny. It's on PS4 also, but not on PC.
  • Elite Controller (super durable, and paddles to map buttons to so you don't ever have to take your thumb off the right stick. This can be really handy, especially in competitive FPS where a split second move could cost you).
  • 4 free games every month with Xbox Live. Sometimes you get big-name games, like Assassin's Creed Black Flag. Sometimes you get Peggle. Either way, the $5 a month easily pays for itself in free games.
  • A couple weeks ago there was a bug in the pricing for Fallout 4, so I got it, plus all the expansions, for free. Of course this is fixed now, and the "purchase" has been removed from my account (I can still play it because it's installed to my external HDD, but if it gets deleted I'll have to buy it to play it) , but they did give me a $10 gift certificate for their fuck-up, so that's nice.
  • EXTERNAL HDD STORAGE FOR GAMES AND APPS. Last time I checked (a while ago) the PS4 could not do this. Sure, you can upgrade the HDD on a PS4, but on the Xbone you can just plug in any external HDD that's 256GB or more. Mine is 4TB and I set it to install all my games and apps to the external, so if anything ever happens to my Xbox I just get another one, plug in the external, and I'm ready to go. No need to reinstall everything.
  • MS is trying to implement something to where if you buy games on the Xbox store, you also own them for Windows. I'm not quite sure how they're going to do it yet, but it would be pretty cool to buy all my games in one place and have them available on both systems. Consoles are much more convenient for when friends come over, but I'd like to play my stuff on PC while I'm alone (mostly because of mods and better graphics) and I'm not going to buy anything twice. Once they have this fully implemented, my multi-platform problems will be solved.
  • Backwards compatibility. It's not 100% there yet, and obviously not as good as PC, but they're getting there. Much much MUCH better than PS4 in this aspect.
  • Rare Replay

These are just my favorites, of course. Other's opinions may vary.

Of course, the Xbox will not compare to PC when it comes to graphics, mods, and backwards compatibility, but as a console I highly prefer it over the PS4. MS really screwed up in the beginning by only selling it with the Kinect, and now they're doing a lot of work to make up for it. Honestly, if I didn't already own so many games on Steam and I didn't care about graphics, I'd be fine only gaming on Xbox.

Thanks for actually giving me an answer :D

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I think if you have your Xbox live account in windows 10, the games will most likely be unlocked through the windows store. I know that it logs me into my xbox app through my live account.

Ya that's what I'm thinking. I just haven't looked into it much yet, other than a few recent articles about how they're trying to make it a thing. I know there is game streaming from the Xbox to a PC right now, but that can't be their final solution. I've tested the streaming, and I really don't see the point. I'm hoping that when you buy a game, it gives you both the Xbox and PC version, that way you can still crank up the graphics on PC, but if friends come over just boot up the console and don't worry about it.

-Gears of War remaster is pretty awesome! If you own the remaster, you get the other Gears of War games as well.
-Forza Motorsport is pretty fantastic. It is probably one of the best racing games I have ever seen.
-Scalebound looks pretty good. I believe if you own it on Xbone you can also get a free copy in windows.
-Gears of War 4. It is another game you can get a free copy of on PC if you have the Xbone copy.

Tell em you want this:

I have used the streaming. You pretty much need your Xbone wired to your router to have a decent streaming experience. You should also have a pretty beefy wireless setup to be properly streaming your games. I do enjoy streaming my games if I want to lay in bed with my laptop and a controller. I don't notice input lag too much through the in home streaming. That is a nice feature.

Ya I have my Xbox and my PC in the same room (my bedroom), connected to the same TV, so it really doesn't help me. This is entirely subjective, of course.

What I said about the PS4 being the better console right now was to point to the fact that games will look better on it in many instances and so if the OP thinks Sony gives them the games they want on that system then it makes it an easy choice. I also mentioned to the OP to think about waiting til the revised consoles come out. Finally I did mention merits of Xbox Live which does provide free games per month.

Point is .... you took one part of what I said and didn't think I was telling the OP the Xbox One was an option when it is.

Is it the best option in my opinion at this time? No. The best option is buying nothing.

I was just giving perspective. I would agree that it is not the right time to buy a console. I think it is good to wait until the 4k console equivalents come out.

Now that the RX 480 is out, I think we all know it'll probably never do true 4k. In all likely hood these 4k version will only do temporal reconstruction just like Quantum Break which did 720p and reconstructed to 1080p using 4x MSAA.

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I now need a switchbox for my monitor as it is the only screen I own with display port. Is there a thing I can get to plug jnto DP on my monitor and switch between hdmi and

Edit: Never mind I don't think a tv will be too expensive.

I think you should be subtle and drop hints about something else you would prefer.

Judging by your posts in the past you don't particularly like Microsoft and often find tinkering with cool/old/quirky electronics/computer kit more interesting than mainstream gaming.

I'd bet a fiver that if they give you an xbone we'll see a post from you wanting to swap it for something else within 3-4 weeks :-)

I love my PS3 and TBH I don't talk about gaming stuff too often XD
I like to use the tek forums to pose conversation of tech, politics, projects, and linux / hacking.

Personally I actually love console gaming a lot more, though, I don't like to talk about it for very obvious reasons.