Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace being shut down soon

I really hope MS can do what they said they would do in many articles and that is try to get the developers of many of the good games from this to put them on the new store or whatever. I also hope that a fix could be in place so people who already bought the games can keep them. I was just playing some really good games from this program tonight. So sad to see anything be killed off. This is why owning hard copies of games should still be a thing people fight for.

Oh and has anyone seen a petition about this? If not I am going to start one at some point once I have a list put together of the darn good games from this program.


This is a real shame, I would definitely sign up to a petition if you created one, some good memories over the past few years playing some weird indie games off there, would hate to see them go :confused:

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Hello, MS opened a brand new program, called Creators Collection or Creators Club, and it’s very similar to the former xblig.
I had the opportunity to have my game ERMO included into the first wave of games published.
Hope this new category takes off, because it’s easy and quick to experiment.

I honestly don’t care as the other program should have been kept up forever in my opinion. It worked and loads of good stuff came from it and I still play it. Die commerce die. Nice things are ruined because of the almighty dollar.