Xbox help

The best place to find small games that are fun would be the xbox arcade games.(Â ) is a good place to get an idea of the kind of game you can buy and you can download the trials for them. Now if your not interested in arcade games you should check out Left 4 Dead, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Dance Revolution(if your in to that), Lips (if your in to that too...), or GTA IV ( FREE MODE ).

@vaepor- i haven't misinterpreted your take on gaming on the console, pointed anything out to you, or even spoken to you prior to this post in this thread.

that was a comment for Tsarblandi and pretty much specific to him. it was advice not criticism. that despite liking to be able to move games around some games are physically so much better on pc(just as some games are physically better on console) that if he has good pc he should get those games for it. mass effect is one of those games, saints row 2 and grand theft auto 4 are examples of games that are the oppisite.

@Spitesuicide - yeh thats no worries, some people prefer pc some prefer consoles doesnt really matter, tbh i prefer a mix of both, its just my pc is quite poor for most of the games out atm, eg i had 11fps on battleforge.../sigh

btw i did get Orange Box for PC, i may be a console gamer but theres still hope!

lol, all i have to say is get warcraft 3 or starcraft, cay your an old school rts gamer and get some upgrades :D

i know how u feel, because i have had to game on some shitty dell for the past 6 years until i got enough money for my new pc.


come again?