Xbox help

Im not a big xbox gamer but i want your guys help on 1-3 games that are just fun to play EG: Indiana Jones Lego, that shits FUN

not give me a few ideas remember i just want some fun games not games that need alot of thought to play

"i just want some fun games not games that need alot of thought to play"

any of them.Â

check the arcade.

Halo don't have to beat the game to have fun online.
GTA IV...just for messing around. Online seems to be pretty fun.
COD4 (soon Modern Warfare 2)

Mass Effect 2

Around December the greatest game ever will be going to XBLA, Perfect Dark. Get that. :)

meh, kill your xbox, go on your pc... download garrysmod, that game lets you do basic things like zombie survivel up to making auto turrets that you can program using a moddifyed version of C++

Um i play pc all the time and i just want games i can play and relax and have fun playing, NOT ON THE PC hahaha

if your looking just for fun games your better off with a wii but since u have Xbox i cant help u i dont have xbox never owned it and never will.... but for pc u will still get lucky finding what u want

i jsut got fable 2 and thats realy fun!!!!!!

its ok, but for an open world game oblivion is better, and to play "xbox" games you can download any "controller to key" program and plug in a game pad (suck as a xbox wired remote)

Yeh Fable 2 is a pretty sweet game. Also im at the point where i need some games to play to get me through the summer lol. Red Faction Guerrilla is frickin sweet, the single player is awesome only for the multiplayer to be one of the best online games ive had. IM looking at getting Bioshock (coz i wan bioshock 2 and wanna no the story), Mass Effect (again i wanna no the story for ME2), and the Gears of War games. To be honest ive made a list for the summer and its just getting bigger each day

You could always get one of the Beat em up games, like Dynasty Warriors. That game rarely ever requires you to think, and it's just fun to smash the button over and over while watching your character kill things.

Or you could just go the FPS route, which may require a bit of thinking but probably moreso reflexes and overall skill.

dude my list is like a copy of yours haha plus Assassins Creed

aside from gears of war 2 and fable 2 you can or will be able to get all those games on pc and be better off.

Console can be fun to sometimes, I mean when people are using this Comp. ( not my future comp.), I game on the console. The only game I play on the console now is Gears of War 2. If I had Halo 3 still working I'd play that instead.

I've also been playing my DS and Wii again when the PC is taken.

Consoles are good, and truly I like Consoles as well as PC's. I just happen to use the PC more then the console, for pretty much everything.

Why would i be better off, i know it has better graphics and i prefer the controls. But i dont have a major gaming pc; id just prefer something to tinker around with every now and again, and because i go around my mums house often, its easier for me to take my xbox rather than my pc

btw VaepOr, assassins creed is great and all but bare in mind it is quite repetitive, so once youve got the main story out of the way theres not much to do. But the story is worth it and is probably going to be needed in AC2, which is supposidly less repetitive, but i cant wait neways. IN november we have Bioshock 2, Modern Warfare 2, Assassins Creed 2, L4D2, my wallets going to be empty after Fall xD

fuck yea ae haha thats why im working through my 2 weeks holidays away from school so i can get those games haha CANT WAIT!!!!!!

and this is to all the people who are like PCS RULE EVERYTHING ELSE IS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

*********i play a console because in my opinion you can enjoy the game more and jsut chill and play and not waorry about your settings or having to sit upright with the DUR DUR DUR of the mosue and keyboard, you get the choice to slouch and play in my opinion some games are more fun on CONSOLE eg fallout 3 is better on console!!!!!!!!!!!!"

graphics, controls, and often content, but if you dont have a good pc then that obviously doesnt apply to you. if you do have a good pc though at least make sure that you get mass effect for it. the 360 version has framerate and texture issues that the pc one does not. certain games will undoubtly be better on pc, source games for one and despite what vaepor said fallout 3 is not better on colsole. modern warfare and assassins creed are not ones. if you have a good pc id say get the games that are more at home on pc for the pc and then get the ones for console that are hardly different or are better, get them on consoles.. if you dont have a good pc then nothing i have said applys to your situation though. its all your preferneces and situation, im not going to judge.... unless you have a good pc and get the orange box for the 360 and not the pc.

double post :/

dude i think you completely missed the WHOLE point of what were trying to say, GAMING is not the same even if the games are the same eg ASSASSINS CREED on pc and Xbox360 play different and have different qualitys.

pc gaming and console gaming are different experances and i enjoy them both, ive been pc gaming for over 3 years so there is no need to point out the pros and cons of pc gaming to me i know i have a common interest with pc's and consoles mate that is all