Xbox Driver Help

I have had my xbox 360 controller for about 6 months now and it was working perfectly until one day it just stopped working. One day I was using it to play dark souls then the next day it suddenly stopped working. It popped up ad unknown device when I plug it in to a usb 3.0 port and it says unrecognized device error code 43 when I plug it in to a usb 2.0. My mother board is an Asrock FX 970 extreme 4. I have downloaded the latest drivers and I have installed and re installed them multiple times. I checked to see if it worked on my brothers laptop and it worked perfectly. I have reset my computer. I have tried uninstalling it from the device manager, and uninstalling the microsoft accessories driver and re installing both of them. I have unplugged and uninstalled every device on my computer and re installed them also. The other devices work perfectly fine. I have tried to install it manually from the device manager>unknown device>Driver tab>Update Driver>Browse my computer for driver software>Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer,  but when I do that the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller driver does not show up in the list of drivers. Nothing occurred when I cut off all power to my PC for 10 minutes and turned it back on. When I go to the properties of the device it says that the device type is Universal Serial Bus controllers, and the manufacture is (Standard USB Host Controller). I have been looking for a solution for about a month and have found nothing to help :( I am using Windows 7 64 Bit. I would love if someone could help me