Xbox controller issiues win 10

I have a xbox one s controller that is connected to my pc thru Bluetooth, but every time I restart my pc I have to re-pair the controllerto the pc.

I have tried this with 2 different xbox controllers and I even bought the official dongle but still the same thing happens.

The other issue I have is when I play a game, for example 7 days to die I get a bad delay…so i press forward character does nothing than all off a sudden they walk or the camera spins and it wont respond to any other input.

on the latest update for windows 10 pro, al drivers are upto date, and using a usb cable does fix this issue but defeats the purpose of going wireless lol.

Thanks for any info or help

The dongle is not bluetooth, follow these steps

Still problems, go here

iv got a Bluetooth dongle as well as the official microsoft dongle sadly the issue does it with both,

I have contacted microsoft and waiting ona reply, I have also done the steps above and sadly no luck

Did you uninstall any xbox stuff from windows, or follow any of those awful(all of them) “Windows optimization” guides?

nope windows 10 is stock , all drivers/bios upto date …iv tried the set up on a another pc running windows 10 and the same thing.

I wonder if its an actual bug in windows 10

Could be, but the problem is more likely you.

I just bought an xbox controller with the adapter, will report back if it works, but that’ll be mid next-week.

dont think its me since specialy since it works till the pc is restarted…its still stored under Bluetooth/wireless but the light keeps flashing

Did you do this?

  • Go to your Device Manager.
  • Select Wireless Adapter for Windows in the Network adapters section.
  • Click Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows to bring up the Properties window.
  • Click the Power Management tab.
  • Select Allow this device to wake the computer, and then select OK.

I will give it a bash and let you know how i get on

tried every thing that you have mentioned but sadly nothing works, gonna try a ps4 controller