Xbox 360 VGA not HD

Didn't really know where to put this... but basically I'm finishing up my man cave, and the last touch is hooking up my xbox 360 to my GW2450 monitor through VGA. Right now i have the console set up 1920x1080 in settings, but it appears very blurry or not HD really. Same with 1280x720. Tried changing some settings on my Monitor but I'm all out of ideas. Anything?

I dunno if this is the problem but the xbox 360 doesn't support 1080p natively, it is upscaled 720p. Maybe this is why it looks blurry? And with 1280x720 not being native on your monitor that would also have a negative affect on the picture quality. I have never hooked an xbox 360 to a monitor before so I don't have any experience with it.

well, it's an xbox, what can you expect? the xbone can barely handle 1080p, let alone the 360.

Possibly. But Even if it was 720p on my 1920x1080 monitor it should look a lot better than what it does. I think I'm going to try HDMI to a VGA adapter see if that does anything for it... But not sure though.

True, but I want to play me some fallout 3 on my xbox where its at least above SD :/