Xbox 360 Emulator

I have been trying to find a emulator for the 360 so I can play my games on my PC. So far all the ones I have found have been scams. Can you guys help me on this issue.

I assume it goes in hacking because its hacking the 360's bios to do this. 

I highly doubt you will find one. Give it a couple of years.

Does not exist.

No such thing.... yet!

Heh an emulator for a 3 core powerpc processor, because muh games? I wouldn't be surprised to see PS4 and Xbone emulators out first.

As of right now there are no working 360 emulators. Xenia is the only active 360 emluator project to my knowledge. There is also ex360e as far as I'm aware development on it has halted. If using a keyboard and mouse is your goal. Get a XIM3 or XIM Edge. Its probably going to be 5-6 years before we get a working emulator and another 5 or 6 before its on the same level of stability and functionality as pcsx2. But that's just my guess.