Xbox 360 emulator

Is this possible?

Actually, that's a stupid question...where is the site that makes this possible?


Yea, it's called a potato

There are projects in the works such as this but at the moment they are only able to play a select few homebrew games. Maybe in 3-4 years maybe never.

given that the original Xbox still hasn't successfully been emulated to my knowledge, I highly doubt the 360 ever will be.

Nope. Still don't have a fully functioning Xbox or PS2 emulator for that matter. The current PS2 one is good but it can't run everything, yet.

The current PS2 one is good but it can't run everything, yet.

umm yeah it can. i currently have 4 different versions of the pcsx2 emulator. on those 4 i can practically play any game. if the newest version emulator has a bug i try an older version to play it or just to get past a spot where the crash occurs then switch back to the new version.

ofc there are those that are insanely annoying, u have to change from hardware to software every map u enter- valkyrie profile 2, i tried running this game on x6 native (goes from 500x500, to 3000x3000) i get like 5 fp/s but the view is awesome.

im currently playing final fantasy 12 (x3 native) so i go full screen on my 1080p monitor, and the game looks awesome. no fps drops and even fps to spare (without speed hacks)

Yeah the PS2 emulator is great, 


Also you can pick up a 360 for next to nothing, you could just do the RGH mod, its super easy.

If you have to use 4 versions, and constantly switch settings, then it hardly "plays everything".

Although, saying that, i usually run my emulated games at  4k. Full fps.

well i have 4 versions because i do not delete them, since 2009, and i said if i have a bug. for the last year or two i have been using the only latest version, only going back to older ones to check the save states.

Last time I checked Jak III ran poorly (graphical issues) on PSCX2 and I believe it still does. Could be wrong though.

Ah, might as well keep the box then. thanks internet

So... *raises hand*.

It's possible. A long long time ago, somebody did a lot of hardware research into the XBox360 and how the whole thing works and how it would have been implemented. That's the same guy that did the first PSP emulator (I can't remember his name right now). So this guy has a blog, where he detailed all of his research and then it just mysteriously ends.

The rundown:

A) Encryption. There are ways to get around it, but they require decompressing the game discs and a lot of other stuff to be done. Difficult to do when running a game, so it would have to be done before that. Also requires you to extract an executable file from the whole mess of xex files on there. But when you've got that, the known part of the whole thing is gone.

B) The Xenon CPU. This is easy to emulate, as it is basically just a 3-core PowerPC CPU from IBM. QEMU can do that. But it will be extremely slow no matter how good your CPU is.

C) The graphics chip. It uses DirectX, so no big worries here.

D) The OS. The X360 runs something along the lines of Vista XBox edition, which you usually can't get by. This is the part at which I horribly failed (though you have to keep in mind that I do not own a 360 to extract the firmware from).

E) Input/Output and a lot of other stuff needs to be the proper model so that the emulated device can "talk" to them (at least as far as I know).


There is a PS3 emulator available. Problem is, it only runs homebrew software and won't be complete until the end of time anyway. Seeing as PCSX2 just now is stable enough to run most PS2 games, and the fact that only now there are good enough CPUs to run games on it at 60fps... We'll be waiting a while until proper emulators come out.

no need to wait, just mod the consoles, doesn't take very long to do

Well, the main reason for the lack of an OG Xbox emulator is the fact that there isn't enough interest or incentive to do it - after all, wasn't the big selling point of the Xbox all of its PC multiplats. Most of the big Xbox games are either PC ports or were ported to PC (Halo 1/2, Splinter Cell, Half Life 2, etc) so there wouldn't be much to gain from all the effort that would go into creating an emulator. Also, a big technical hurdle in emulating the Xbox would be the absence of any substantive documentation regarding the GPU - it's essentially an unknown quantity, aside from the vaguest of specs.

You must not have seen the most recent Tek, where Logan says that Microsoft should have created an Xbox emulator. 

The architecture is what is keeping it from being emulated.

Specs. There are emulators. But only one retail game is playable, Turok Evolution.

i did find a so called xbox emulator. it was a virus and i don't know if it's relevant but first attempt at playing a game on the so called xbox emulator, my graphics card died, most probably just bad timed death of an old graphics card but still. i was young and stupid and now a bit more wiser


An emulator for the original XBox exists, and it's basically just a wrapper (seeing how the original XBox was basically just a x86 machine with a NVidia graphics card that ran some unusual hardware encryption). It works and is not a virus. I wish I remembered where I found it, but I know for sure it exists.

There is an emulator. It only works with ONE game. Turok Evolution. The rest of the games it plays are just homebrew.

So no, again, to clarify. There is not a functioning Xbox emulator, there will not be. There is not a functioning Xbox360 emulator. There will not be.