XBOX 360 Controller or Something Else?

We all know, as PC gamers, we take pride in our Keyboard and Mouse peripherals... but there are some games, as in, some games, like Dark Souls that kind of beg for a gamepad...

I liked the ergonomics of the XBOX controller and thinking of picking me up one of these in the wireless flavor that comes with the receiver needed to sync it to my PC.

But is there another gamepad that is better than that of the XBOX controller of SIMILAR price?

Give me info!


Just get a wired xbox pad it just works.

Yup, wired xbox controller is great in my opinion. The battery pack on the back of the wireless ones is annoying too.

You can also check out Razer's Sabertooth controller. 

I've got the wireless and it works great and has a long battery life.  It's small if you have big hands though...

I do prefer the ps3/4 layout, the left analog stick on the 360 seems too high and unnatural.                                  

You could try the Logitech F710 if you like the stick layout from the Dualshock together with Xbox-style triggers. It doesn't get recognised automatically by Windows, but runs with the driver for the normal Xbox 360 wired controller. This controller also has the advantage of a DirectInput/XInput switch, so it will work with pretty much any game out there right out of the box.

The Dualshock 4 is also not bad from what I have experienced of it, but it doesn't have buttons with as clear an actuation point as the ones on the Logitech gamepad from what I could tell. If the software is anything similar to MotionInJoy for the PS3 Controller, then this one will work with both DirectInput and XInput games too. (I found the Dualshock 3 to be a piss poor controller due to the triggers and the sticks being the way they are... somewhere between flaky and god awful for someone who is used to the wired 360 controller).

Another vote for the wired Xbox controller. If you're going to be sat near your PC while playing you may as well save a little money and get the wired version then not have to worry about batteries. I also find it more comfortable than the wireless version.

xbox controllers have poor as shit D-pads, get a PS3 or PS4 controller

I use a PS3 controller with a SMK Link bluetooth dongle (with motionjoy), shit worked like a charm for $20.

IDK but I didnt like the PS3 controller IDK bout the PS4 but they do have a better Dpad but I never really use that soo my votes for xbox wired I got a afterglow was cheep well made and it glows lol XD

I use several controllers, but i'm usually using the 360 because its compatibility is second to none, everything lately will only accept x-input (aka. Microsoft said let's take the d-input standard, fuck it up the ass, and make it proprietary), there are x-input emulators for d-input (aka. normal) controllers, but they're not always reliable

there's a mod for that. but seriously, who uses the dpad?

I love the PS3 Controller. It has a great Dpad. 

But for 360, go for an "Afterglow" Controller. Very nice quality, and it glows :D

gigabuster, the d pad might not be that great, but the triggers on the ps3 controller are far worse.

the 360 pad imo should be used for things like racing and flying when you don't feel like buying the expensive flight sticks and wheels.

^^^^ i dont see why people need a D-Pad at all...if you are playing games that need a D-Pad like fighting games your better off with a stick otherwise it works fine for platformers anyway even then a stick is better anyways...

Fighting game players. 2D platform players. People who use emulators. lot's of people.

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Another vote for the wired 360 controller. Along with a zip tie for the excess cord.

if you are referring to the analog stick for fighting games..... no XD

if you are referring to a fight stick/arcade stick, not everybody wants to use one, nor do they want to drop $80-$150 on a good one made with authentic japanese arcade parts (Sanwa/Seimitsu). 

i personally play with a ps3 controller. 

if you want a wired 360 controller with a decent D-Pad, chack out the Hori 260 Gem Pad EX. comes in different colors, and it glows (which, apparently, many people want? XD)

Why the hell  would i be referring the analog stick? 

And i made my own arcade stick cheaper than that with sanwa arcade parts by useing a cheapo £20 xbox arcade stick...