I have two interesting things to share regarding the always watching Xbone.

Let me preface with I won't be buying the device, but like to chime in on the drama.

First, Netflix recently came out with sub accounts within a family account -- Profiles
 if we must. I'm sure the always watching Xbone will add efficiency while gathering data, that they say will fine tune your experience. Giving you personalized suggestions.

Second, I watched an IGN (I know pop media) video on the new Xbone controller. The developer mentioned an interesting feature: the controller has an unique infrared output that allows the watching Xbone to know where the controller is located. He said this would allow the system to make an automatic change of profile when the face above the controller changes. In a party gaming situation, that would be quite helpful.

I know Netflix and M$ might use this to their own advantage, like how google gets billions because of the traffic they get and the personalized information they own, but I think it is the future. I would love my house or car to recognize my face and do cool things. Like unlock doors.

Just food for thought...


Edit/PS: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/08/15/xbox-one-controller-hands-on-with-call-of-duty-ghosts is the link. The first video is the one I watched. Towards the end is the comment.

Not sure if your aware but its been confermed that the kinect sensor doesnt need to be plugged in to use the console. Im not really sure what your trying to get at with this post but most people seem to be ragging on the xbox one. Most people just jumped on the hate xbox one bandwaggon without knowing the facts. Either way id rather play pc.