Xbone Competitor

I'm trying to configure a PC build that would compete with the price point of the Xbone. This price point is the retail purchase price of $499.99 with taxes included, which would make it around $540 out the door.

This is to present a PC alternative to friends of mine that are thinking of getting a next gen console. Though there are mail-in rebates available to drive the price down and allow for upgrades, I just want something that costs around the same out the door for them.


I went with 4GB of RAM because that is what is utilized in my system with most--if not--all games.

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks.

I Personally would just to 8 gigs of ram. especially now apparently these so called "Next Gen" games will probably use 8 Gigs of ram and its good to be a little secure. other than that the build is perfect.

That brings the out the door price to about $580.

However, I cannot argue with you about future proofing the system to some extent. The extra $40 doesn't seem like much...

looks like you could probably stick another 4gb in and still be in budget (i highly doubt you'd need it as devs are generally scared to rule out people still running i386 from buying their product, but it's just nice to have headroom, also i love ram caches)

other than that looks pretty solid, might try to find slightly high quality products to take up the slack in the budget (i haven't gotten to use one, but some people criticize most of xfx's coolers)


Boom! With 8GB of RAM, and still right under the price of an Xbone (including taxes). You'll need to purchase these parts now and at these specific locations in order to stay within the $540 budget. Prices tend to fluctuate often.


FM2+ a88 Motherboard, different ram and I added a CPU cooler