XBONE can play in 4K?

Microsoft has stated that the xbone will ship with a 4K ready HDMI cable and can run at 4K resolutions.
I for one am a bit skeptical. I think it might be like the 360 and it's stretched 1080 resolutions, because the hardware capabilities don't seem all that capable of running 4k at 60+ which is what we've been told it will run at.
More as the story unfolds.

I think that means it CAN display 4k, just like I think the intel HD graphics can. doesn't mean it's going to be able to do more than display the desktop, though.

I believe they have given it to the game devs to chose the resolution, games will run at and then it will scale to the used resolution up to 4k. Battlefield 4 will be rendered in 1080p

If you have a display and the game has the textures to support it the xbone will play it.

at what 5 fps?

4*1080i? It might be able to do 4Ki but i doubt that. It may support 4k but so can my ancient 9800gt, it doesn't mean it can display more than the desktop.


'4k at60+' - I assume you mean 60+ FPS. Most modern PC's, with gaming grade hardware,  wont play flash games at 4k (with 60+ FPS) never mind an Xbone.

Textures and display do not collate. Star wars Knights of the Old Republic dosent have textures designed for resolutions of 1080p but I can still run it on a 1080p screen (With a slight unrelated resolution adjustment) That being said, I could run Battlefield 4 on a 360p screen. The only textures effected by resolution are overlays. They scale depending on how they were implemented. Battlefield 3 would be a good example on bad overlay scaling.

yeah, I know what it means, but if they were to release games at '4k' (even though it's pretty much impossible at this point in time due to format constraints) would it just be a stretched 1080?

Yeah that's what I thought. A lot of people are going ZOMG 4K GAMES LEL probably not even knowing how wrong they are.

i'll never get over how hillarious "4k ready hdmi cable" is

The XBone and PS4 can play 4K Blu-Ray movies. Gaming / 3D rendering in 4K is impossible for the new consoles... it'll simply look like crap. 

I heard from an interview with a game dev. (can't remember his name or the company), but the game they were working on for the next-gen consoles would run on a sub-HD resolution... yep, that's right, 900p instead of 1080p, due to the lack of horsepower required for butter smooth 1080p gaming experience. 

I also heard about the 900p gaming hence my confusion over these speculations

given that 720p is still HD, I don't think 900p is "sub-HD", it's just not quite full HD

lower end of estimations on the gpu is 7850, if they can't make it look good with good framerate, WITH console style optimizations at 1080p on 7850 power they are a fucking horrible studio

4K ready dosent mean it can play games in 4k (it cant even get native 1080p @60fps) it will be for movies (my old pc was 4k ready :P )

It's the same way Xbox 360 and PS3 can do 1080p, to show movies. Just because the display out is "4K ready" doesn't mean that the machine itself can play games at 4K.

You cant upscale 900p to 4k it just whont look good.

Current consoles upscale 720p to 1080p (x1 upscale) and it is noticable from 1080p to 4k will look uter shit 4K is 4 1080p monitors (x4 upscale)


I'd like to chime in as also been told that the 4K is Strictly for video, not gaming. When you think about it, with the current hardware out there (looking at the PC world), it's likely that attempting to play a game in 4K at any realistic frame rate would likely melt the GPU in the process. We're getting there, but not quite.

If you have a working example of this being wrong, then Please correct me as I'd Love to see it! :-p