X99A SLI Krait Vs. Fractal R5 Case Fan Controller

     Hey guys/girls so i'm building my first ever pc and I have a quick question, which way do you think would be best to control my case fans. My case fans are what come in the R5 stock plus one extra making 3 GP-14 140mm fans, they have a three pin connector. now here are the options I have, the R5 case has a fan controller on-board but from what I can find out it only has 3 speeds, slow 5v, kinda slow 7v, and fast 12v, but there is no dead silent all the way off option. (I sort of want this feature as I do some at home recording and it would be nice to ensure that my room tone is low) The other option is to just skip the fan controller, and plug into the mother board, only I have no idea how that will work, as the motherboard headers are 4 pin.

Thanks for the help in advance!

You can plug 3 pin into 4 pin headers as far as I know just fine, it will ignore the PWM and go DC usually. But look into a but more.

Everything I Know About Fan Control on MSI Motherboards

  • dc and pwm control is provided though the 4pin headers
  • no control is provided though the 3pin headers
  • lowest it can be set to is 50%, unless you use Speed Fan which can go all the way to off

So you're basically saying the fan controller would give me more flexibility with the type of fans i'm using?

I would use the board + Speed Fan if it has enough 4pin headers.