X99 or Skylake

Guys, I've got a bit of a dilemna... the best kind of dilemna. The long and short of it is the IRS messed up, and corrected their mistake. Now I'm sitting on an unexpected 3K and a computer I was already upgrading. Here's my current setup.


I was planning on making the jump to 4k thanks to the new AMH screens, now it's definitely happening.

I'm thinking I'll move the existing machine into an old Lian Li case I've got knocking around and use it for rendering/streaming (or sell it to a buddy whose looking for a gaming rig). I'll be reusing the drives, the case, and the fans (love these be quiet fans) in the new main rig. I've put two lists together, they Skylake PC gives me a little more wiggle room to buy a few new games, grab a new keyboard/mouse. Or something for the secondary machine.

Here's the Skylake Build

Here's the X99 Build

In terms of use, lots of gaming. In particular I multi box world of warcraft (definitely makes use of more cores that way). And a lot of RPGs like the Witcher and Skyrim series. I'm looking into doing more streaming and video production, so either build I think would be doable. Thoughts, corrections, etc? If you have a competing build by all means share, just remember 3k total, including the AMH A409U. Thanks.

if you wanne do allot of video production and other productivity tasks.
Then a 5820K will be a better workhorse due its extra cores.

In terms of gaming the 6700k will be better out of the box.
But if you overclock a 5820k to arround the same clockspeeds, the difrence will be minimal.

The only thing you should ask you self, is it worth it to upgrade from your current 4690K?
Basicly from a gaming standpoint its not worth it realy.
But from a productivity standpoint it will definitely be worth it.

Like i said above, if you wanne do allot of video content creation, then i would suggest the 5820k, since it basicly is a better work horse cpu.
6700K will ofc also be a good choice in the end, but the 5820k will be better for productivity workloads.

About your builds, they both look fine to me.

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I don't see a need to build a whole new computer, unless for some reason you really need another. The i5 you have now should still perform extremely well even if you go with multiple GPUs. Your board supports SLI as well, so something like two GTX 980tis and a 850w power supply would fit nicely.

Skylake is just a minor increase in CPU performance over Haswell and Broadwell. For games, you're really not going to be seeing any improvement.

What resolution are you gaming at though? If it's 1080p those two 980Tis will be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY overkill. You'd want a 4K panel for those.

Should definitely go X99 then

also dual 390x's is an option, with direct X12 the performance gap would be lessened, and you'd be able to save a fair bit of money on free-sync displays that way, but if you want the best of the best, gotta go 980 tis I suppose.

Either way because you're doing sli the 5930K might be a smarter choice due to the full 40 pci-express lanes. Other than that x99 is fine for gaming but you probably wanna oc it to 4.4 atleast to keep the 4790's away. Skylake might be faster for some games that arent pushing hard on the multithreading.

Here's an update, the current rig is actually going to be going to my wife. She'd been half heartedly talking about getting a PC, but she has a mac and a laptop from her job so she wasn't too interested in it until now. So, grats wife on a solid gaming rig, it will definitely play Candy Crush.

To clarify, I'm upgrading from my old 1080p Acer monitor to the AMH 4K 40 inch screen. Also, I mentioned earlier I multibox in WoW. I run multiple game client simultaneously, basically I group with myself because people are awful. THAT definitely benefits from hyper-threading and more cores. Looking at the situation and your feedback (thanks btw) I think I'm going to stick with the Skylake build, though I'm going to tinker with it a little and see just how much I can squeeze in there. Plus, I need to get another SSD and Windows since my wife will be using the existing one. Going Skylake gives me that extra wiggle room to make that happen.

i would personaly go for X99 realy, for the tasks you like to do.
especialy content creation, the 5820k with a nice overclock will definitely give you better performance in those kind of workloads.
remenber that the 6700k is still only a quad core.

Also in terms of connectivity arround the board, the 5820K still has 28 pci-e 3.0 lanes directly connected to the cpu,
on which the 6700K only offers 16 pci-e 3.0 lanes