x99 mobo and cpu choice ( SOLVED)

Hey all - I am going to drop the cash on my new pc very soon, but I need a bit of advice in relation to mobo and cpu choice

System will have 3x GTX 980, an Asus Xonar Essence stx sound card (pcie 1x) and the usual array of ram, ssd's etc

As far as cpu choice - would the 5820k be fine for this? I have no need of m.2 and the 3 gpu's would run in 8x mode

As for mobo choice what would you suggest? I have been looking at the Asus R5E, Asus x99-e ws, Msi gaming 9 ack, and the Msi x99 Xpower ac

The mobo MUST have 7 pcie slots to accomodate the sound card as well as the 3 gpu's

Prices in my locale as a reference point are

R5e - 679.00
X99-e Ws - 900.00
Msi gaming 9 ack - 599.00
Msi xpower ac - 519.00

All of this is going in a Corsair carbide air 540 so space is not an issue, and I have no interest in a 5960x, m.2 support or wireless networking.

Not tied to any brand either for the mobo but Asus, Msi and Asrock are all I can choose from my prefered supplier


wouldnt a dual GTX980TI be a better choice and cheaper choice?

Anyway, about the motherboards, there are basicly allot of decent choices.
You could of course look at boards who contain a plx chip, but they do come with a premium price.

Asrock X99 WS-E/10G
Asrock X99-WS-E
Asrock X99 Extreme 11
Asus X99 WS

These boards all come with plx chips.

But if you go for a dual 980Ti you dont have to buy such an expensive board basicly.

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True - but I already have the gpu's so going for 980ti's is out of the question

Are there pro's or cons to PLX chips?

Ah you allready have those 980's, that sounds fair enough.

Well if you wanne go with a 5820k, i think you dont have much choice exaly.
Because depending on how the lanes are utilized on a board that doesnt contain a plx, you need to check every boards manual, if you can do triple Sli on that particular board with a 5820k.
Not every board seems to able to do this if im right.

What you also can do, is just grab a 5930K, which has 40pci-e lanes of course.
Its a littlebit more expensive, but then you have more options, and expendabillity's


Yeah thats the info I was kinda after - either go for the 5820k with a PLX mobo or just use a 5930k and then the best mobo for 3 way sli without a PLX chip

well i can look into which mobo's can do triple sli on a 5820k later today.
Ofc wenn other people also have info about this please jump in. ☺

Also i dont know if color scheme's do matter to you?

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Colour scheme is irrelevant to me - If it clashes too much there is either plastic/vinyl dye or a windowless case ;)

Also if its relevant, this is a complete list of parts as I do not know what does and does not use cpu lanes

1 ssd
2 hdd
3 gpu's
1 sound card
1 clc cpu cooler
1 fan controller
6 USB devices
all run off a corsair ax1200i so power should be a non issue as well

The Asus Rampage 5 Extreme can do 3 way sli with a 5820k


Asus Rampage 5 extreme
Asus X99 Deluxe
Asus X99 pro

Msi X99 Gaming 9
Msi X99 Xpower

Asrock X99 OC Formula
Asrock X99 WS
Asrock X99 Fatal1ty Professional

This is a list of motherboards, without plx chip, that should support 3way sli on a 5820k.
There are probably a few more, but i need to look deeper into that.

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Looks good - but the asus deluxe and pro are no good because with 3 gpu's installed there is no slot uncovered for the sound card.

Ah you are right, i should had looked closer to that sorry.
So those Asus boards arent going to suite you well with a 5820k then.
Also the Rampage 5 wont, because that will disable slot 5, with a 5820k

Unless you grap a 5930k

Same story counts for the Asrocks i have listed above,
these will also disable the bottom slot with a 5820k on it.
So these wont suite you either then, unless you put a 5930k on it.

Only the Msi Gaming 9 AXC seems to have a good layout for it.
Or one of the boards with plx.

but i dont think that a board with plx would realy be worth it.
40 straigt pci-e lanes directly from the cpu will allways be better then a dedicated plx switch.

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sorry for the manny edits, i had to look up every mobo's lane layouts.
Like i said above there are allot of diffrences wenn it comes to lane layout, with a 5820k.
Its basicly a pretty big mess for that matter.

Anyway, to make a long story short.
I would recommend a 5930K if budget isnt an issue.
Then grab one of the boards i listed above, that you like the most.
They are basicly all good, so you cant realy go wrong,
exept for the asus deluxe and the pro then.

I think that the Msi X99 ACX has a realy nice layout for your needs.
But it does come with a premium price of course

TYVM @MisteryAngel