X99 Linux Ubuntu 16.04

Currently looking to build a X99 System With a 6800K and will be using
Ubuntu 16.04. I am worried about having a motherboard that wont work can
anyone suggest me a good motherboard?

I don't know where to post this

Here is good, i closed your other post and put a tag on this one (yeah tags are ugly atm)

I don't know about motherboard recommendations though, ive not kept up. But you shouldn't have any issues using Linux on X99 that I know of.

What kind of features do you need?

@MisteryAngel might have some good recommendations for you.

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Currently, Just my normal features. Its going to be a FAA Cert. Flight Sim rig. Which will use linux and will work with it no problem. Many X-Plane users saw linux as a better system. Also i will be using OBS which will help multi core.

Just worried about compatibility. I won't be getting any RGB motherboard. Looking at the Deluxe 2 by asus or something high end without the color changing crap since that wont work on linux

Basically anything that doesn't require software. The only issue I have in terms of compadability with my X99 board (gigabyte g5) is lack of drivers for the fan controller, so go with something that has UEFI fan control, like the Asus board you mentioned.

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Thanks, I was going to use a fan controller and a motherboard with realtek audio and intel giga internet. I just worry it wont work. X99 has been out a while. I was looking at either the Asus but i heard horror stories about them. Also looked at the EVGA Micro 2

like i said just kinda worried. But dont really want Windows 10

Oh yeah you might not have too much luck with the onboard Realtek audio, some inputs working and the rest not (especially audio inputs). Intel NICs are fine, but wireless NICs usually require binary blobs. I haven't heard anything of EVGA boards, but I know I would much rather an Asus board than a Gigabyte on linux

Dam, asus uses realtek audio

someone on newegg has the board with linux with no problems.

There are also some corrected PCIe errors that you may need to silence but I wouldnt worry about that too much.
Yeah realtek onboard audio is not good, but take a look at the chips the board is using

with all this worry maybe i should go with 10 :( the asus uses alc1150 realtek audio

really scared i will get screwed

Depends a bit on your budget?

budget is good looking for x99 motherboard for 6800K

Keep in mind that you can get a PCIe soundcard like the Asus Xonar DGX for $40 which is supported out of the box

yea realized that

Thanks its crazy that im just so nervous but i mean most people say i will be fine.

Well something like the Asus X99 ROG Strix for example would be a very good choice.
The only con will most likely be that you wont be able the control the rgb lightning trough software on linux.
But that will basicly be an issue with pretty much any X99 board that has RGB leds on them.
For the rest you wont realy need any of the bloated software that gets shipped with motherboards basicly.
On Linux the support for hardware comes with the kernel in most cases, or from proprietary drivers for wifi.

what color would the strix rgb color be then with it out of the box?

like i said i just worry thats all and want to be happy since this build will be FAA regulated.

Really sorry i am being like this

Just checked and either Asus board should have full support for onboard audio

where do you check so i can compare

also which boards the deluxe and strix

The stock out of the box color is set to orange if i´m right.
From within the bios you are only able to enable or disable RGB lighting and set a certain effect.
But you cannot controll the colors from within the bios i think unfortunatly.
Unless there is a new bios update that make this possible, but i dont think so.

I am sorry everyone for me being a pain lol

You are not realy a pain, you are just picky wenn it comes to selecting the right mobo for you.
Just like i am personaly haha.

Also the Asus X99 Deluxe II of course is without any doubt a great motherboard.
Its Asus´s creme de la creme of mainstream motherboards, and it has pretty much all the bells and whissles that you would ever need.
It even comes with a Thunderbolt 3 addin card, a great onboard wifi and bluetooth module, dual intel nic´s and a ton of connectivity.
The Crystal sound 3 audio solution onboard is ofc a littlebit diffrent then the the supreme FX package on the ROG Strix, allthough they do feuture the same ALC1150 codec.
But the supreme Fx implementation comes with other software, which will basicly be pretty useless for linux anyways.
But the crystal sound3 implementation on Asus mainstream X99 boards is also realy good.
I personaly dont realy could say that one solution is better then the other.