X99 Ga-UD3 Help

Just built system recently all parts ordered from newegg,

i7 5820k
gigabyte x99-ud3
windows 7 sp1
Corsair DDr4 2666Mhz
h80i cooler
gtx 960ftw

System overall works fine but having issues "enabling" XMP profile or any XMP profile for that matter. after XMP is enabled system will not boot, not sure whats going on or where to go from there? Also unable to overclock my CPU. Bump up the cpu to 4.3 on 1.3volts and unable to boot. Unable to do any overclocking. not sure if its the board or some setting im missing in the BIOS/UEFI BIOS ANY HELP is great

  • update BIOS
  • disable XMP & do a manual config of the ram speeds
  • aim for a small oc and work your way up.
  • play with input voltage, enabling PLL overvoltage, set the LLC to something high, cache voltage a slight bump. Also increased VCore, PCH voltage, IO voltage at small increments.
  • could be an issue with the motherboard or you have a gimped cpu - it is after all the lowest binned of the haswell-e's.

I'll try these things but starting to think i have shit hardware lol i just want a bit more performance and my ram wont go over 2133mhz

Ahh the 5xxx series does not like 2666 and above.. it gets very unstable and at the point we are in ddr4 2400 is an already overkill clock... This is a documented issue on the x99 platform
You can play with the voltages

Definitley OC slowly.. clearly your system does not like what you have done so far

I agree!! Happy to say I have fixed my issue!! tried 2 sticks of ram then back to 4, same issue i updated to beta f7 bios same issues..wasnt able to overclock cpu or ram..finally made an rma/refund ticket with newegg this morning and while at work i cant stop thinking about what i havent done. I downgraded bios to f4 version released sometime in sept 2014 and BAM! took few minutes to boot but after that everything works perfect. 4.2ghz OC @1.2volts and memory XMP profile working @2666mhz.

Thanks for all the responses and help guys!!