x99 Build Help

After watching the Tek live today im inspired to build an X99 rig. I was going to go with a z97 build this week, but im going to hold off for another week and save to get this new gear.

I was after some help regarding the motherboard. A lot of this stuff is very extreme and im not sure i need something as hectic as a lot of this stuff im seeing. Im going to use it for gaming and studying (programming / web dev). I know i probably dont need to with x99, but i want to build something that will last a long time.

These are the parts i have so far. Iv added a power supply as well, as Logan recommended it. My current PSU is about 5 years old...

i7 5820k

Corsair vengeance 16gb 2666

Seasonic X-850


I was thinking GA-X99 gaming 5

I have all of the other components so i wont list them here.

Let me know what you guys think

Similar boards that gigabyte made for z97 seem to have decent reviews, so if it has the specs you want then I'd say go for it.  It'll probably be a solid board.  Depending on what GPU you have I would almost say go for a higher wattage PSU, but I tend to overestimate my power requirements by quite a bit, just to be safe.

Using an R9 290 atm. i may go higher though in case i get two cards later