X99 build for Cad/Gaming/Linux

Before I purchase parts I would like your opinion.
- i7-5820k
- gigabyte ga-x99-sli Atx (Logan reviewed a while back)
- 32 gb quad channel kit 2133mhz
- NZXT S340 white case (Wendel reviewed)
- Corsair RM1000i.
- m.2 ssd up to 10gbit/s
- already have a gtx 660 might buy another to SLI or Amd r9 390 to VM with gpu pass through
- Cooling: I'm going to custom water cool but not for awhile so will choose a CPU air tower in the mean time.
Solidworks, AutoCAD, Monte Carlo simulation and Windows only games -Windows 10
Everything else - Linux (most familiar with Ubuntu) going to try other OS
1080p 60hz screen going to upgrade to 1440p/4K near future.

I know that there is a water cooler that you can get that allows you to add on and use the base unit as a rad as well as res. If your going to build a custom loop later on maybe it is worth taking a look at. Just a suggestion.

what can i say, it looks like a sollid build to me.

Thx for the suggestion I've never thought about building a custom loop in stages, this would be my first time doing custom water cooling. I've watched and read my share of tutorials but still want to plan the layout once I get everything together and assembled.

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I've seen a couple modular aio coolers, a new one from EK and Fractal has a line of them. Jay has a good review on the EK.