X99 Build - Any stupidities?

Hi everyone,


My new PC itch is getting really strong, and with a i7-2700k rig working absolutely fine (Window 7 Ultimate and OSX 10.8), I figure that it's X-99 or go home.  Devil's canyon is tempting price wise, but I just don't see the benefit when we are talking only a ~ 15% clock increase, no more cores and modest IPC gains.  While I did build the above PC from scratch, it's only the second I've ever done, and the other was about 10+ years ago with an Athlon 64, so I'm hardly a frequent tinkerer.  As it is going to cost such a large chunk of money, I wondered if anyone would mind telling me if any of my choices are really stupid!

And, yes, this is total overkill, but I want something that, if I don't have a penny to spend on my PC, will last 5 years while putting up a good fight.  That might include some CPU intensive 24/7 runs that might be for days on end, as I have done some maths problems that have required that in the past.  It also needs to be strong for gaming, video rendering, or pretty much whatever I decide to throw at it.  Budget is not unlimited, but if it gives good performance and value, I will consider it.  I also would like to eventually run OSX on it as well, but understand that this will not be possible at the moment.

I also want it to look great and have the idea of an all black and white build - but then again it doesn't matter if it looks pretty if it doesn't work.  So here goes:


Case:  Corsair 780T, white.  I do also have a soft spot for the Lian Li aluminium cases, especially after owning a OG Mac Pro, but this would save money and has decent radiator options.

Processor:  i7 5960X

Motherboard:  ASUS X99 Deluxe - am a bit worried about possible reliability and would prefer an EATX, but features are great, and matches colour scheme.

Memory:  Any 4 Dimm 32Gb kit 2400-2600Mhz, black or white heatsinks, so I have slots free for the future.

GPU:  Dual GTX 980s in SLI - Tempted to get dual Titan blacks instead, but that would be much more, and I haven't seen anything to persuade me that the double precision would matter to me.

Cooler:  Ideally the Swiftech H220x, but impossible to find in my country (UK), and I wonder if the pump would keep up with two GPUs added to the loop in future, so might plump for a H100i or the like and then upgrade to a custom loop if necessary.

SSD:  1TB Samsung 850Pro.  Willing to pay the extra if the reliability is as predicted.

HD:  Have a couple of almost new 4TB WD Greens that will keep the budget down a bit.

Monitor:  ASUS ROG swift.  As a rule, can't stand ROG stuff, but the res, quality and G-sync have won me over.

Keyboard:  Looking for something with MX blues.  Might get the K-70 RGB if not too overpriced here.

PSU:  Superflower Leadex 1200W platinum - was set on a Corsair AX1200i, but this is white, much cheaper, and JonnyGuru says that it's if anything even better.


Any face palm-inducing choices in the list?




P.S. Sorry if this looks familiar, I did post on another site, but the answers I got seemed like nobody had actually read even the first paragraph.

I happen to have cornered the market on stupidities ... so I'll be the giving sort of person that I am ... and give you one or two just for kicks. Unlike Gigabyte ... Asus & MSI and Asrock have their collective shit together and  had this new tech working on launch day ... and the Asus Deluxe showed them all how it's done ...

  • Dual 32Gb/s ultrafast M.2 x4 running in two PCIe 2x lanes on the mobo (and one onboard a PCIe add-in card running in a PCIe 4x slot)  And they are both bootable. 

  • 32Gb/s transfer rates are currently the world record holder for a single drive.

So far Samsung is the only company that can make this stuff  so far and it is rare and pricey. And it only comes in a couple flavors for now.

  • Samsung XP941 Series 128GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive   ... $130.98


  • Samsung XP941 Series 512GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive ....  $750.00


I know it's very tempting to buy a new rig, but seriously, DO YOU NEED IT? No? DO YOU WANT IT? Yes? I highly suggest you save your money if you don't need it. If I bought an i5 760 back in 2010 instead of a laptop, I would've still have it right now and just upgraded the ram and the graphics card to an R9 280x. Maybe you should just upgrade the graphics card to a GTX 980 or R9 390x in the future.