X58 still relevant?

I'm considering snagging a build with 12gb of RAM, an EVGA X58 board, and an i7 920. This will cost me $120 (considering the bid doesn't go up for a couple of hours). I have a GTX 650 Ti Boost to use, as well as a 500gb hdd. Is this a steal? How long (considering an overclocked L5369 performs just under a 4930k) will this be relevant, and able to play games? I would hope to upgrade to an R9. 380 or dual 370s in about 18 months. As for the i7, around April I would consider getting an X5670 for $100 as an upgrade. I hate Fleksy right now... Terribley inaccurate.

Nevermind. I can't afford it now :(. The bid increased.