x58 motherboard?

I was going to get the EVGA x58 motherboard but now they are out of stock everywhere in the UK. I want a motherboard that can do tri-sli without needing a case with 8 pci slots. I dont really want a gigabyte mobo and certainly not XFX. I was looking at the EVGA Classified but its kinda expensive, any suggestions?

Why not EVGA X58 LE?

I'm not sure if it can run tri-SLI x8 all the way.

Asus Rampage 2 Extreme. if you have the money its amazing. but other than that im pretty sure evga makes the best x58 boards for the money.

Is the ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 any good as its the same price as the EVGA x58?

Maybe you can just order the EVGA x58 online. I honestly wouldn't get anything but EVGA, its foolproof and gets you what you want.

I have looked on every site I know in the UK that does computer components and none have it in stock, if anyone know a website that ships to the UK from the USA or some where else that has them can you give me the link plz

it is indeed very good, however it is only 2 way sli.

hmmmmmm... I think I will save up more money and treat myself to the EVGA classified as the 4 way sli one is coming out soon the price might drop, thanks for the help guys. If anyone knows a site that ships to the UK from another country plz post the link.

thats a great board, but i have heard that the northbridge chipset can get really hot on those. it is rare though, enjoy your future motherboard!

I think EVGA shop ships UK since they have a UK branch. Also they do have 3 way sli x58's in stock on their site store.

i love living the usa, never have an issue finding parts online.

They dont have any in stock as on the American website is says notify me and on the European website it isnt listed

Classified x3 is in stock, i say go for it, you cant go wrong.

try some of the asus motherboard they make some very good motherboard i been using their for my last 6 system in the past that i have build and never had a problem and you should take a look at the new intel chipset the p55. if you are into gaming and overclocking check out their R.O.G broads i am planing to get the asus maximum III formula p55 for my next build but their deluxe motherboards are also very good for gaming and overclocking.

This thread is so dead, not only that but Asus' warranty is only 3 years. EVGA's is lifetime, not only that but EVGA has very competitive overclocking boards for p55 and X58.

the only thing that evga beats asus is their warranty but 3 years is long enough
asus broads are more than reliable when it come to overclocking and its a lot easier to overclock with their broads
asus can support sli and crossfire and evga is sli only on their broads so your options are very limited
asus broads are also cheaper than evga broads and has a lot more features than evga

Number 1, Lifetime is way better than 3 years. Number two, http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4484386&CatId=4068Â Crossfire. Number 3, they made the best ocing motherboard ever, it is called the X58 classified 4x sli.