X58 and 3-WAY SLI

I am abour to build a new gaming system with Core i7 965 Extreme CPU and 3-WAY SLI GTX 280s what would be the best x58 mobo for 3-way sli GTX 280s and for overclocking this setup thanks

0_o where do you people get this money from...

the board i like the most is the asus rampage 2 awesome board

the rampage 2. thats prety extreme. looks like u gotta a lot of money. so get the best one

good luck, i hope u make sum benchmarks

I will put them up on my youtube channel as soon as get the build sorted and get a new video camera

i would love to know how you can afford a $4000 system @[email protected] its pretty awesome though good luck on it

what a waste of money

EVGA x58

here a review on it http://www.evga.com/forums/tm.asp?m=623700

I understand there will be a FTW version of the EVGA X58 board with X16X16X16 support out next month is that right

if the rumors are true then yes

huh..x58..sure looks nice :)

Nice build but no sound card???

if he is spending that much money i think he does not have a budget and will be spending the extra money on a good sound card

if youre building this for gaming i suggest you save your money, all this will get you is bragging rights for a few months. not only is SLI a gimmick, but your eye wont be able to notice a difference between 40 or 45 or 4500 fps anyway, plus most screens have a 60hz refresh rate, meaning anything over 60 fps gets discarded anyway. even if u get 80 fps in crysis, whats the point if its just theoretical?

Sound Card will be the X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champ edition

@div lol its like crazy expensive but i guess hey its top of the line and it makes you look l337 in some way really makes you look rich thats all i wish i could build a system with out a budget