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X570 Taichi Build with Ryzen 3800X

Hello All,
i did a new build for my workstation with the Asrock X570 Taichi and the Ryzen7 3800X. For the memory i chose the HyperX Predator 4000MHz. GPU is still my RX580.
Running Fine on Arch Linux ( but some questions are left… :slight_smile:

  • The Memory running at 3600MHz than at 4000MHz gave me about 20% of more performance on the benchmarks… First i wondered, but then read about frequ. synchronizition…
    Furthermore i can use 4 modules in 3600, with 4000 only 2 are possible.
  • The 3800X reaches on my system only a Boost Clock of around max. 4170 MHz - any help where i have to tune, to get this to 4500 MHz?
  • During the benchmarks with the boxed cooler and closed case i get around 82°C (180°F) of die temp. From time to time the system shutted down, i think because of temperature protection. Is 82° too hot? Do i need a better cooler? Where can i set at what temp the system will be halted because of overtemp?
  • I did not connect the 2nd 4pin connector on the CPU Power socket… should i do this for higher boost clocks?

Thanks for help!

Daniel :slight_smile:

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Buildzoid (from actual hardcore overclocking youtube channel) does memory overclock guides. Be forewarned though, he rants a lot, sometimes even off tangent. But he has extensive knowledge on overclocking memory. Had a table back then which runs and which is stable. Do check him out.

This is normal, allthough the Asrock Taichi board is using T-topology for the memory.
Which means that it theoreticlly should do better with memory overclocking 4 dimms.
However with 4 dimms it won´t get much better then 3600mhz in generall on Ryzen.
I think when you are running 4 dimms at 3600mhz stable you are pretty golden there.

I´m not sure if bios updates have already fixed the pbo issues.
Otherwise you will likely have to overclock the cpu manually.
But there for you gonna need a better cooler.
But again all 8 cores at 4.5Ghz likely not gonna happen.


It should not matter.

How about Water Cooling? I had not yet one of those… Is it generally more efficient than a big air cooler? With my boxed Ryzen Cooler i have about 82-83°C during benchmarks. How much will it be improved with a water cooler? Is it possible to say that generally?
I am asking because i have also a big thermaltake Tower Cooler around out of my old system, the water cooling is of course more expensive… so is it worth? Can you recommend a water cooling set (of course i have to fit it in my case)?

So, for the frequencies… if not all cores will top the 4,5GHz, ok. But right now all of them only reach 4,2GHz max. Is this normal in automatic mode? Is it possible to rise the boost clock here only, or do i have to overclock the base clock also?
I think i should read a general Ryzen overclocking guide first… Is there a recommendation for that?

Thanks a lot!

If the said thermal take cooler has am4 mounting hardware,
you could of course firstly try that.

When it comes to watercooling, there are of course allot of differentiates.
Full custom loops, or of course the more simple all in one coolers.

Which is better also depends on allot of variations.
Like for instance your ambient temperature, airflow, fan setup in your case etc.
Generally a closed loop cooler dual 120mm’s or dual 140mm’s rads generally work,
better in situations where airflow is kinda limited.
Single 120mm rad clc’s aren’t worth considering really.

When it comes to Aircoolers, those are generally really airflow depending.
With a decent airflow inside the case, a great aircooler like the Bequiet Darkrock pro4.
or the Noctua NH-D15 for example, can get close to some of the 120mm rad clc’s.
One of the benefits in my opinion on aircooler is the simple and reliable design.
I mean there isn’t really much that could go wrong with an aircooler.

When it comes to clc’s in that regards, most of the better brands are generally pretty reliable nowdays as well.
However of course since there are more electrical components involved like the pump.
There is always a risk of pump failures or leaks etc.

But of course the better clc’s will perform a bit better general yes.
Something like the NZXT Kraken X61 for example.

With a 3800X you might be able to tweak it to get all cores to run at 4.5Ghz.
But you will likely have to fidle around with settings manually.