X570 Bifurcation? Aorus Master or others

I checked the manual of the Gigabyte Aorus Master x570. Bifurcation is supported on the first x16 slot. That’s pretty useless, as you can’t use a GFX card anymore if you’d go 4x4. But if you go 2x4 you’d have to move the graphics card down to the third slot, which would block the rest of the PCIe slots, or possibly even result in cooling issues as a large cooler would move really close to the bottom of the board/case.

So, did anyone try if bifurcation works on the third slot (the second x16) so you can add two more NVME there?

Any other boards that have 3x NVME onboard, and do have this bifurcation feature there?

AMD really makes life difficult, slamming the door of Threadripper on consumers with their product lineup/pricing. Would it really have hurt so much to keep x399 compatibility? Or at least release a $800 3955X 16core? I sure am not going to spend more money on x399, even if they ‘advise’ you get that platform for more PCIe lanes - they can try and shove their old stock on someone else.

No gpu will be gimped at x8 so having 2 gpus x8x8 you can have no noticable drop in performance…
You are not limited to x4 bifurcation you can use the lanes once split how ever you want just having the correct adapter and space

Check eBay for a x16 into 2*x8 with slots for full x16 and you will have a fun time

Thanks for replying, but you misunderstood. I’m not worried about running a gpu at x8.

I want extra nvme storage, and have a card for that, but I don’t want to run it in the first PCIe x16, which has plenty of room for the gpu cooler. I’d like to run the gpu at x8 in the first PCIe x16, and the nvme adapter card in the second x16 slot (at 8x, then bifurcated in 2x4).

And from the manual of the Aorus Master, that may be a problem. Bifurcation is only described for the first slot. Therefor: anyone try it anyway if it works in the second x16 slot? Or any other board that supports that?

Gigabyte has been putting bifurcation on their boards for a while check them.

Eh, well yes, if you’d bothered to read my original question and reply, you’d know I already have noticed that Gigabyte has the Aorus Master with bifurcation on slot 1. My question was: does it also work on the second x16 slot, as it’s not mentioned in the manual.

And if not, if any other mainboards would offer this. I guess nobody ever tried.

On the second slot, ASrock is your better bet for bifurcation down to x4.

HOWEVER, if you’re doing VFIO, Gigabyte is the better option because it has the “Initial Display Output” feature.

Thanks, I’ll look into Asrocks x570 offerings.

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