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X570 Aorus Xtreme/Master... was it originally intended to have Thunderbolt support?

For me it’s rather frustrating :wink:

The majorly weird thing with the ASRock X570 Taichi paired with the GC-Titan Ridge AIC (self-censored dickish line) is that Thunderbolt 3 and USB 2.0 seem to work (with hotplugging), but any USB 3.x device causes BSoDs 2 sec after being physically connected or disconnected.

On the driver side there is nothing really I can do since the driver for that Intel USB 3.1 controller within the Titan Ridge chipset is handled by Microsoft’s USB drivers that are integrated into Windows (using 1903 with most recent X570 chipset, GPU and TB drivers as well as all Windows Updates (2019-07)). Well even if there was a dedicated driver I would have no idea how to fix that as a layman.

*Could only test one TB3 device since I don’t have more at this point: Direct TB connection (Virtual Ethernet) to a Mac mini 2018 that also has a Titan Ridge chipset.

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Um, I am an Aspie. So I’m slightly offended by that acronym that you chose.

I apologize for that! Afterwards I kind of knew that that was over the line - mostly I have a more reliable gut feeling regarding black humor for the use of pychological auto-relief of built-up overflowing cynicism).

It was meant in L1 News style, my previous reactions from manufacturers’ technical support staff when I contacted them regarding such issues is more or less “What kind of weirdo would combine things this way” :wink:

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Chiming in here. Received my x570 Aorus Xtreme. Board rev 1.0 is printed on the bottom left corner. I have the section for the thunderbolt header, but it is not present - only solder points.

No CPU yet, so have not checked UEFI/BIOS for TB3 settings - I assume those are also not present.

Anyway, not sure if this helps anyone. Based on @wendell’s previous answer first response, I kinda assumed I would have a header? Not a deal breaker for me but would have been nice to use my Samsung X5 outside of my MBP

Okay, so you might have gotten an early run of the motherboard from really old stock. You could return it and get a motherboard from a later production date if what Wendell was saying is actually true.

I might do that if I see proof that others w/ the same rev board have the header. Especially if I find options/mentions of it in the UEFI

@Wendell FOR SURE has the header. Maybe he can take a picture of it when he gets back from the Rome event.

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I just bought a X570 Aurus Master and the Thunderbolt is not there.
I just took this picture today as my board arrived, I took a picture for reference, no intent to take a shot of the connector.
But if you look closely you see that the connector is not present just solderpoints.

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It is still likely to get old stock so 2 reports isn’t really enough, but if it’s a recent production run, then that raises some questions.

My board says Rev 1.0.

My Aorus X570 Pro has five pin solder points but no pins, it says THB_C. They are located above the SATA ports.

Several people are reporting the same. That sucks!

I checked a couple boards at microcenter on launch day and they had the header. I guess not every production run had the header :frowning:


Double checked to make sure I am not crazy - but confirmed that I have the board rev 1.0, and definitely do not have a header on the Aorus Xtreme. There is also no mention of it in the manual, suggesting it got pulled. Wonder of board rev 1.1 will drop the solder points too.

Hi Wendell,

I wrote an email to Gygabyte support and awaiting for a response.
I called the shop where I bought my board to ask if the Thunderbolt is present on some boards they have in stock.
Not one board has the Thunderbolt, even in the manual it is not mentioned.
Below the solderpoints it says, THB_C.
For me this missing Thunderbolt is no deal breaker.
I like this board a lot besides a few very bad issues I had with initial setup, PCIe 3.0 NVMe drives not detected, RAM incompatibility and so on.

Great, my reverse Time Heist worked so all Thunderbolt-on-AMD debugging efforts can now be focussed on ASRock motherboards :wink:

This sucks since it could mean that again (cp. Gigabyte X399 Disignare X), existing Thunderbolt solutions that could also work on AMD have probably been abandoned in favor of waiting for USB 4 and you’ll have to get a new motherboard then even if you “just” want AMD+TB :frowning:

Could you post your IOMMU groups? I’m interested in the Xtreme after being disappointed by the Master’s IOMMU groups. Thanks.

Maybe, however I do not plan on running Linux. I might be able to boot up a live distro to see the output


I think you are not going to believe this!
I contacted Gigabyte Support on this sudenly missing Thunderbolt Connector on the x570 Aurus Master Revision 1 motherboard.
The reply they send me was not only shocking but just idiotic at least.

** Hi Sir,

This motherboard has from its design no support for Thunderbolt.
If you would like to use Thunderbolt we advice to select “And Buy” the following motherboards.

Then I get a long list of Intel CPU based motherboards??? Are You Kidding Me?
Does anyone at Gigabyte even know that the x570 Motherboard is an ADM based motherboard or do they think we are just idiots and we from Gigabyte advice you to just buy a intel motherboard if you want to use Thunderbolt?
Maybe it is a “friendly” way of saying, we don’t like your question, we know that we removed this Thunderbolt connector on the Revision 1 boards but we don’t tell you why, but still we give you an answer just to keep you busy!.

Thanks Gigabyte.

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Thank you for letting us know about that!

My speculative gut feeling suggests that Intel’s sh***ing its pants regarding possible in-silicon security flaws of even the upcoming Icelake products that were supposed to be “fixed” and now Intel is resorting back to its good ol’ days of applying pressure to partners and retailers to sabotage AMD in any way they can - including declining to certify open Thunderbolt on non-Intel platforms.


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If this is true then this is very distrurbing at least.
The x570 Aurus Master had the Thunderbolt connector but Gigabyte removed it on the Revision 1 boards.
If Intel is applying pressure to its partners and retailers then we can forget Thunderbolt on AMD platforms anytime soon.
That is just very bad, very bad.
I’m in no need of a Thunderbolt but I can imagine that many people want this.