X5670 at 4.2 to i5 4690k For GAMING?

Ok. So Ive got an x5670 ocd to 4.2 GHz on a Sabertooth Mobo. I want to get rid of this & get an i5 4690k for gaming. Should I do it? Im thinking of pairing it with a gtx 970. Any thought & comments are welcome. Thanks.

if you plan on overclocking go skylake or wait and go zen. zen will be months away but the 8 core should be around 300 usd and 8 cores/16 threads at around 4ghz will last you for a long long time. it's going to be ddr4 so you will have to buy ddr4 and not recycle your ddr3, but it will last for years and years.
skylake can generally get a oc of 4.5 on every chip. very good fast chips that will last you a while, but probably not as long as a 8 core as skylakes maxes out at 4/8.

Just wanna do gaming on the cheapest w/o too much$$$ & w/o bottlenecks. I know Zen will bring everything down by quiet a bit. BTW, Ive already got a z97 board. just wanna sell these off before the new cpus come & use that $$ for my Upgrade. Maybe even an i7 4790k if Zens really that good & bring cost down!

Bump that overclock on the X5670 by another 300MHz and the 4690K will be a downgrade...

Realistically you can step up to X79/Sandy-Bridge-E and it'll thrash a 4690K in any game that legitimately can see and use 4+ cores.

I own a 4690k and have it to 4.6Ghz 24/7 watercooled. Its a fantastic chip, but honestly if you buy it used, you could get BUUUUURRRRNED. People lie about overclocking their cpu's and K parts on the net shouldn't be trusted. If you decide on getting one New {if you can} it'll cost you $225+, I see no point in buy that at this 3yrs since it's been released... The Skylake 6600K is $219 right now... Either way you have to get a new MoBo.

I say stick with what you have. Until something comes along and provides better in-game performance than the X5670 [ which is a 6-core beast ! ] Just upgrade your GPU, maybe a Fury X or a used 980...

Yah but "IPC" is way more important in gaming than pure "Horse Power" & "Cores." Like I said I want a cpu that wont hold back future gpus such as 1070-1170 or Vega. Thanks for your insight.

Remember that the next wave of gaming is taking advantage of more cores than just pure IPC. Asynchronous compute and Heterogeneous architectures are changing the rules on Game Development. DX12 & Vulcan are maturing... CPU loads are now being done on the GPU which make the system more efficient. If your playing DX11 games right now, the future games will be better developed for higher core counts

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Cant do anymore OC. I live in Hawaii & that is pretty much my limit Ive already got a noctua D14 on that cpu. Thats why I want a 4790k or an i5 4690k instead. Again I will mostly do just gaming. More cores doesnt mean anything to me. 4 fast cores. 4 fast modern cores. Thanks tho

I don't think I need explain how futile future proofing is, especially with computers. Everything is going parallel, with 8 cores in phones, consoles, and AMD has had them forever at this point; APIs that allow better parallelization, and better optimization, and the per core argument starts going out the door. At this point, we're just waiting for software to catch up as this has been a long time coming, ever since the days of the PS3. Unless that CPU is currently bottlenecking significantly in your workload right now, you will just be wasting money.

Address the bottlenecks as they show up because you don't how the market is going to shift.


A haswell i5 will use less power but I really can't see that you would get much better gaming performance from it.

If you did swap x58 and 6c xeons sometimes go for waay more than they ought to on ebay.

Sounds like you got all the answers... Cheers mate

Shhhh... Don't say anything. It's a secret

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