X470D4U - New Truenas SCALE Build - Crashing 00 flash code

EDIT EDIT: Not fixed, put a Ryzen 3700X into the build to eliminate a lot of the ‘known’ early ryzen 1XXX/2XXX bugs. System still occasionally hangs. I’m sending the board back while I still can.

Disabled C6 and C7 states in bios,

Unsure if it was the base debian system of Truenas Scale middleware that was not liking this. C6 power bugs seem to have been fixed for awhile on most distros. Disabling these prevented system lock ups when in the GUI

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nice, good work. I just got one of these to test and needed to update both the bios and bmc.

I also did an rma because I had a board that would only boot 2nd gen zen, not ryzen 3000 or 5000 cpus. weirdly.